I'm smoking hot

year 33 or 34 for basketball. I live on a fixed income and went to 5 games last year. I just can’t afford them today!!!

I have been giving to the foundation for 40 years.

Isle 102 FOW F Seat 1 and 2 .

I should have started a campaign 2 weeks ago.

I’m mad as Hell and Jeff Long has left out the little guy.

Sure I could put them on a CC card but I’m not going to do it.

Before Jeff we had like to September to pay.

I CANT WRITE LETTERS BASTED on this information can some body e-mail me a letter today that I can send to Jeff Long?? Really.


You’re going to be more likely to get an answer if you email the people who work with the tickets instead of the AD. I’m not sure how, but Jeff Long had his email address removed from the UARK directory, so I’m not sure of a way fans can get in touch with him now.

I would suggest emailing Charlie Arviso (crarviso@uark.edu) or Chris Freet (cjfreet@uark.edu).

Thanks Matt.

My name is Mike Tucker. I am 63 years old, disabled and have donated to the Razorback foundation since 1977. I know that for a fact as I started to work for Whirlpool 1/31/1977. I gave 1000 bucks and Whirlpook matched it. Over time Whirlpool dropped that policy. At that time there was not need to BUY basketball ticket.

Then came along Eddie Suttion. I was on a waiting list of about 6-8,000. I was number something like #59. I was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1954. The old location of Washington Regional. My parents rented from Mr John Barnhill. The last 2 years Eddie has issuese. I was sent a letter and the took a small section of students section and I was a season ticket holder.

So 2 years with Eddie, 16 Nolan, 10 years with John and Stan. Now 6 years with Mike. 34 years sitting buy Terri Mercer an Elton. Actually I called Elton this morning.

I wass getting call to Pledge befor the Basketball season was even over. NOW you want money for ticket when a schedule is not even made out.

I donate 670 bucks to the foundation and but the tickets, another 900 bucks.

I need help. More time to pay for both. THIS is NOT right to make anybody pay so early. I’m 5 rows from the court.

NOW somebody has said I have got to reserve my tickets buy JUNE 23. Sure you have a 3 times payout plahy but I just don’t have the money.

NOT many years ago it was September.

As stated I live on a fixed income and small piece of my Heart and Soul is going to be crushed if not given a break somehow.

I HAVE STAYED the course through all the rough times. Now it looks like Mike might have a break out year and future

Isle 102 Row F seat 1 and 2.

My ID # is this XXXX WHAT can you do to help me our sir.

IF nothing then th GREED has taken over our program and toy loosing another small true fan

Mike Tucker

MATT OR ANYBODY proof this or correct and add some flare to it???

Matt or Anybody proof this letter???

Well it’s sent.

Guess everybody is busy OR they really don’t know what to say…

Have you talked to the guys In the ticket office? I chose the option to pay in 4 increments. Good luck.

I want even bother to tell you what they did to us and the block of 7 tickets we had for the football games in LR.

If you don’t get a reply from the email or the ticket office – I’d ask Terry Mercer for help -she knows everyone associated with basketball for years including mike and Nolan

He’s very active on Twitter. I bet if you approach him reasonably and privately he would respond appropriately.

From painful experience I know all too well that they have little concern for long-time small and medium donors. They’d much rather have your seats back so they can try to attract Broyles-Matthews prospects.

I have always found that they do try to help. I think men like Scott Varady, Marvin Caston and Norm DeBriyn (still around some) have shown a willingness to try to help in most situations. I’d start at the top, calling Scott Varady. Believe it or not, I’ve been told he will answer his call or return them.

Clay, I’m quite certain they would help you, but know from experience that average supporters receive little if any consideration in recent years.

I was a Foundation donor for over 35 years, much of that time at the Super Hog level. I held football season tickets throughout that period and basketball season tickets during some of the time.

Over the years I have on occasion dealt personally with Wilson Matthews, Harold Horton and Norm Debriyn. Once I even got a telephone call from Frank Broyles reminding me that a deadline was approaching and I hadn’t yet renewed. All of these gentlemen were more than willing to assist.

I attribute the more recent changes to Jeff Long. As athletic director, I am certain that he has influence over Foundation policy. Several years ago when I decided to reduce my ticket order I was told that I would be required to maintain the same contribution level or lose my seating priority. I was more than willing to make the required contribution for the reduced number of desired tickets, but not to maintain the contribution level required for my previous ticket order. I appealed that ruling and was given no consideration; frankly I was treated rudely.

In response, I reduced my annual contribution to zero and now buy tickets on the open market. It was an easy decision.

What Clarence said. Same story

I was told that the “have to maintain same contribution level” was from Chris Wyrick when he was with foundation. True or not I don’t know. Personal opinion is that it’s going to hurt the athletic department.

Long has systematically killed a lot of tradition and passion. Ditto Clarence and labb.

Long is a yankee with a personal agenda.
He has no idea what a true hog fan is or has gone through! Maybe in the near future Long will go into politics and leave.

that sucks A$$
i am furious for you.

utter nonsense.

if you lose your seats im not going to another game.
we should all boycott


it is as far from the HOG party line as you can get but i totally agree with this sentiment and have all along

its not worth another fight on this board to debate this again but there are many who feel this way

I hate stories like this. Giving someone that has been a long time, loyal donor a little more time to pay seems like a no brainer. Hoping it works out and common sense prevails.

I respect everyone’s opinion about JL. I know many of the changes that have occurred during his time at UA have alienated some fans. That said, it’s a darn tough job. Most (all?) major athletic departments are doing these same things now. Jeff is almost in a no-win situation. We demand a program that competes with the big boys, but are angered by what it takes to do it. And I’m not questioning the anger either. I know there are many other stories like this one out there.

Honestly, in my opinion, the anger should be with what sports has become today. Both college and pro. Just about any sporting event worth seeing has for the most part priced the average family out of the equation. It’s a shame, but I don’t see it changing any time soon.