I'm shocked and sad.....

thought he would get 1 more year. Will be pissed if we end up with an “mid major flavor of the week”.

That’s what I thought, too. One more year. I don’t know what to expect in a replacement, but, yeah, the mid-major “flavor of the week” doesn’t appeal to me.

see a bunch of transfers unless its a "home run"hire…who that would be…i have no idea…don’t think Nolan will be too happy with the decision or the university again…

Sure hope HY has an ace up his sleeve. Would seem to be a bad year to be hiring a new coach. Hope we don’t wind up settling on another Pelphrey type after striking out on plans A,B,C and D.

HY better have that ace.

Sure hope he does.


thought he would get 1 more year. Will be pissed if we end up with an “mid major flavor of the week”.

[/quote]Yes, this ain’t the AAC. The SEC is a tough league.

Whoever they replace him with will determine everything. But players expressing their anger at fans is pretty bad and I bet we lose at least 5 if the right hire isn’t made.

I sure hope you are right. If not we are SCREWED

Folks, UA has been more successful with the hiring of mid level coaches (Nolan, Sutton, Hatfield, Nutt) than with established coaches (Ford, BB, BP, MA).

I’m not shocked… a little surprised, but sad. I really wanted Mike to succeed and thought he would probably get another year. However, it sounds like HY had made up his mind so in that case I’m glad it’s already done. No point in giving another year if you’re convinced it won’t be good enough.

I’ll support the next coach too, and get excited for the potential improvement… even if it is an “up and comer”. Depending on player turnover, next year might be worse than this year, but I’m guessing HY is going to hire someone that he believes excels in recruiting.

I am not shocked…I am surprised, I guess. I thought Hunter Yurachek would take the easy way out and give Mike another year. But he did not… he dropped the hammer. No one wanted this day to come, as we all wanted Mike to have a superb career and retire here, but story book endings seldom happen in life. We know one thing about Hunter at this point…he is not a candy #@$. The guy made a strong statement and decision, one I didn’t think he would at this time.

This better be a successful hire or he is going to be under the gun himself, unfortunately.

Coach Anderson was a classy gentlemen and almost everybody liked him, including the guys who wanted him gone. Good luck, Coach and thanks for all you did and for all the hard work you and your staff put in. We thank you and appreciate you.

Come on, folks

We really shouldn’t worry about how Nolan feels at this point.

For those of you delighted by Coach Anderson’s firing, HY better have the homerun hire ready to go. Because if he doesn’t, the next several years will make this past season look pretty good. You know the old saying. “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

This hire could determine HY’s long term fate. I hope he is here until he retires.

If Hunter misses here he want last to see year four as AD but after he is gone we need to fire the board of so called trusties and get a whole new Razorback Congressional

Bad hire here and HY will receive my angst from here forward…not that he cares or that he necessarily should care.

Good post, like the way your thinking. WPS

We have about five players talking about leaving right now and they are core players. If it’s Sampson, we better hope he loses to Kentucky and gets his ass here this weekend to talk to these kids because he’s not a very good recruiter.

As I posted last night, if HY screws up this hire, an 18-16 record and NIT second round might start to look pretty darn good in a couple of years.