I'm satisfied.

Because, considering the talent that can be recruited to Fayetteville, the Razorbacks played about as good as they can play. Making the NCAA tournament and playing 1 or 2 is the best anyone should expect in the foreseeable future.

Please quit posting that same inane drivel. Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson recruited enough talent for us to be among the best programs in college basketball for almost 30 years. It can certainly be done.

I see what you did there.

Then you have a low threshold of expectations… I’m satisfied you don’t believe we can recruit any talent to Fayetteville, but then I have a low threshold of your talent expectations.

Nice troll, Gay. I see what you’re doing. We have some gullible ones in our midst.


Welcome back guys!! Haven’t seen some of you in a couple weeks, interesting that you choose this game to return.


It is good that you can remember the distance past and perhaps you prefer to view the world through rose colored glasses. However, things change and, for the foreseeable future there is no indication that thing will improve much over what we have had for the last almost 20 years. We have an outstanding coach and we are located in a small state in an areas that doesn’t appear to top basketball players. Therefore, I’m realistic enough to be satisfied that his winning percentage is slightly above average in the SEC.

Every year, same guys, same thing. Quiet when we win, loud when we don’t. Doesn’t matter the sport.

Eleven sweet 16’s
Ten Elite 8’s and 6 final fours.
Nahh we just can’t recruit elite talent to Fayetteville. Not at all. What a defeatist way of looking at it. You must be a melenial.
Look up the sweet 16’s, elite 8’s and Final 4’s for every other team in the conference and tell me what you come up with.

Same thing on the Rivals board.

And, ironically, it’s same guys defending or promoting coaches win or lose.
Seems to strike a nice balance don’t you think?

YEA! How dare we have fans that support the coach and program win or lose and don’t only show up to bash the team after a loss. :roll:

Anyways have a good night, we know this was a good day for you. We’ll see you after the Auburn game that will probably be our next loss.

Here you go:

Bama - 8 Sweet 16, 1 EE,
AUB - 4 Sweet 16, 1 EE
AR - 11 Sweet 16, 10 EE, 6 FF, 1 NRU (Runner up), 1 NC
FL - 11 Sweet 16, 9 EE, 5 FF, 1 NRU, 2 NC
Georgia - 2 Sweet 16, 1 EE, 1 FF
KY - 44 Sweet 16, 37 EE, 17 FF, 4 NRU, 8 NC
LSU - 9 Sweet 16, 6 EE, 4 FF
Ole Miss - 1 Sweet 16
Miss St - 3 Sweet 16, 1 EE, 1 FF
Missouri - 7 Sweet 16, 5 EE
USCe - 4 Sweet 16, 1 EE, 1 FF
TN - 7 Sweet 16, 1 EE
aTm - 6 Sweet 16
Vandy - 6 Sweet 16, 1 EE

Oh, I’ve been around reading the scintillating pretend expert basketball propaganda and, now, the fruits of the laborious post-history checking and calling out. Truly spectacular. Blu, General, you’re all in rare form and to be commended. Boy, you really zing us, don’t you? We naysayers all suck as Hog fans and don’t deserve to post anything simply because we want better basketball.

Meanwhile…well, we all know where this team is headed. Never mind.

Take another look.
Didn’t bash the team.
Just saying, it’s a balance.
It’s ok for fans to have questions or concerns.

I was fully planning and expecting to come on here and compliment our team and coach today when we were up 13. Just knew we had it.
Then reality.
I just don’t think Mike can get this program where it needs to be.
I still pull like crazy for them though.

You have a good night as well.

Dude, your last post in this forum before today was during the game when LSU was making a comeback against us, where you commented on another poster bashing CMA for letting them come back. Thought we were going to lose huh? Looks like you didn’t know where the team was headed then and you didn’t know they were headed for winning 4 straight SEC games, including a win over the #19 team in the nation on their home court. So, no, “We” and by “We” I mean you don’t know where this team is headed you really don’t know much of anything other than insults and complaining and showing up during games when we are losing or showing up after losses.

And FYI, nobody has a problem with critiquing or criticism on the team, if you showed up and posted during wins you’ll see a lot of guys talking about stuff we could have done better. That’s the thing about message boards there’s a little thing called “post history” you can see the difference between people who want to honestly talk basketball and get frustrated at times and want to vent a little bit and people who don’t know much about basketball who have agendas that only want to show up after losses and say “I told you we suck.” I scrolled down the first page of your post history before I posted this and it quickly let me know what you are here for.

Ironically, i don’t see many people promoting anything genius. Someone doesn’t want to fire a coach or say that want a coach fired mid-season and they get labeled homers and pumpers. Haven’t seen too much sunshine pumping after victories but more of the same with the temper tantrums after a loss. There’s no balance.

Checking it out. Love what Richard and Dudley bring.

Hoops fan, been an MA fan and still pulling for him to get it done.

Prob won’t post too much and will refrain from confrontation.

That was one of your first posts.

Calling me a “genius”…looks like you are definitely avoiding confrontation.
I have not said anything about firing a coach.
Just tired of middle of the pack.
Definitely more interested in long term success than a nice win here and there.

Not really a fan of any coach or style.
Just want a return to the days of respectability.
Don’t you?