I'm rooting for UK...

I really don’t like Tennessee.

I live in Tn.

I detest that ugly orange marmalade. It sure seems like
the Wildcats are doing everything they can to give this game away. Maybe they hate the orange too much.

Watching Neb vs Purdue with my Husker wife. What’s the story?

Tennessee is barely hanging on. But I tell you, the Vols have some serious talent. I’d sure like to see that speed and athleticism in Fayetteville.

BTW, Logan Forsythe just drove in the tying run for the Dodgers if you’re not watching that.

UT up by 5 with UK driving …on UT 15 yd line with about 3 min to go

What a drive by KY and the two point conversion. Now TN down by three with a minute left.

UT nearly pulled it out. Threw a Hail Mary on last play that was caught at about the 5 yd line. The receiver was brought down about the 3 with the clock at 0:00

Love college football. You never know.

Richard KY beat TN and it appears that over half the coaches in the SEC are on the hot seat! Butch Jones may need a fire extinguisher to sit down!
It’s November and Texas A&M looked pedistrian against Mooo U in a loss so Sumlin’s seat warm back up!
Bucky at Florida got pasted by GA and it looked like Kirby was the only smart coach involved in that matchup. So Bucky’s seat is smoking too despite his AD releasing a statement today that there’s nothing happening to attempt to buy his contract out. Heck SEC football has turned into a soap opera where every week someone’s getting canned.
Oh and since everyone is concerned with player safety today on a illegal motion play the whistle blows and the play is dead. Well I just wonder why 2 defensive players were allowed to throw a QB to the ground in a dead ball situation.

When in doubt… root against UT