I'm rooting for rain delays and extra innings tonight

Panty Raiders and Alligators dealing with mayhem right into the AM. Who’s with me?

Well, if we’re voting, I vote “yea.” Would love them to burn lots of pitchers.

Both of the Hog’s games were greatly impacted by the weather; fortunately our guys weathered it.

Sign me up! Especially if it will cause them to burn their bullpen’s. I just want about 18 innings.

Several nagging injuries would be good. Nothing serious, but just a little something that causes a distraction. :smiley:

I can root for extra innings. That seems like the thing that would damage a pitching staff the most. But I don’t know if I want to see Florida or Texas Tech win?

They are both good and capable of mounting a comeback against us (i.e., beating us twice). But it seems to me Tech has less pitching to draw upon, in terms of numbers. For that reason, I’m pulling for the tortilla tossers tonight.