I'm really surprised by our offers so far

If I were the new coach looking at our roster, I would be in a panic to sign about 10 safeties, 5 OL, 5LB and 10 DL, lol

I’d feel ok about qb, rb te and wr.

But CCM clearly feels differently, as he is really going after WR’s. Maybe he is offering 8 wanting to sign a game-changer or 2, knowing that he can’t have a decent defense next year?

I’m not doubting him at all, in fact I’m very excited about his regime. But I’d love to hear an honest, behind-the scenes conversation with him about our current roster.


Very apparent they more size at WR and more length at DE. Would love to hear what they think about LB - Giovanni LaFrance, Dee Walker, Baptiste, etc. None of these guys played much if any. Did the previous regime really misevaluate so badly at LB or are some of these guys going to emerge under new leadership?

My guess, is they are scrambling like we always have for OL. It seems you get those guys earlier for the most part, which is what is bad when they flip(Jones). As to the other offers, I think Georgia put out like 50 offers for WR’s this year, I’m sure they’ll only sign a few. Cast a wide area and hope to land one in this final period.

Offers mean nothing. Signings and signing talent are what matters. I’m not seeing a lot of new names saying they’ll sign with Arkansas. I suspect we’ll be happier next recruiting season.

Jackson is right, they covet big, tall wideouts. I know Chavis likes length and speed at defensive end.