I'm Ready To See Zack Rogers

Play more minutes. He can’t be any worse than Jake getting bull rushed over & over again tonight. Same for Jalen Merrick. Give them a chance in a game that is WAY over!

Makes you wonder just how bad they have been in practice if they can’t move up, huh?

Makes me wonder more how we have whiffed on recruiting evaluations.

Merrick and Wallace certainly have not lived up to their billing.

Neither did Josh Allen.

And they signed too few OL in 14-15-16

Wallace seemed to be making a lot of progress until last night. He played pretty well against Alabama and great against OM.

Maybe it’s not the players as much as its the new OL coach? New coach and the OL falls off…

As I responded to you in another post, this is a coach B/Coach Pittman mess. Recruiting misses, etc…

We’ve whiffed in OL recruiting badly and yet our head coach took half the team over to Pittman’s house to beg him to stay. Seems odd doesn’t it?

We don’t know whether Rogers and Merrick deserve to play. The ones who play don’t.

I think CBB just wanted to get something to eat…