I'm ready for

I’m ready for me some Fastbreak Football!

Lose the Fear!

Where you been—I don’t post often and miss your presence—come back!!

This is the post of the day! An old friend returns. I’ve caught up with Gashog a little in the last couple of weeks. Oh, boy, going to be fun.

is our last football dunk from Matt Jones?

Thats unacceptable. maybe Clay can encourage CCM to have players dunk on the goal post after every TD this year lol


I’m sure he was the last. A horrible truth. What’s up with that? That has to change this year! Just wrong!

Not to mention, you can’t play Fastbreak Football and NOT dunk over the crossbar! That won’t work.

please continue to bless us with your thoughts and posts

I don’t disagree, but those pesky zebras will keep making us kick off from the 20 if we do that. We have enough trouble covering kickoffs as it is

Need one of those every now and then, right Gashog?

I thought that you might have been out lobbying for the football coaching position.

They are must! Sometimes a play like that can really get a team out of the right lane.

I always remain available. Waiting on the call.

Welcome back, Gas. You’ve been missed.

Welcome back, Gas.

I still remember your best selling book, The Fearless Offense. Is Fastbreak Football the sequel?

I just like the sound of Fastbreak Football, it’s a good tag.
Actually the sequel is titled … Sometimes it’s all about how you use them, if you are not using them you are scared.

Coming soon… Fearless Football! And … Scaredy cat Football is not smart Football. Also, …The art of Football, trying to score a hundred.

No wonder you’ve been away. Sounds like you may need finger tip transplant surgery after all that writing!

I think Gashog has had surgery on everything but his finger tips. That might be next. Hope not.

Haven’t had feeling in my finger tips for years. Maybe that is next.

Great to hear your voice again, Gashog!