I'm ready for the "fire Mike" posters

To tell me what you think about this coaching search?

I was for keeping Mike another year, and my thought is I don’t see us getting someone better, just different.

What do you non-Mike fans think?

I’m not a “fire Mike” guy but it’s been less than a week for crying out loud.

If you’re among those freaking about this, do yourself a favor and just go do something more productive with your time.

I’ll save my potential freakout until we’ve actually hired someone.


I’m not a “fire Mike” guy but it’s been less than a week for crying out loud.

If you’re among those freaking about this, do yourself a favor and just go do something more productive with your time.

I’ll save my potential freakout until we’ve actually hired someone.

[/quote]I agree with your comments. People are anxious and wanting this to be over

Will be happy to chime in once a coach is named

I am ready for people not to flip out when they don’t understand what is happening and have no useful information of any kind.

As a dispassionate observer I find all of wailing and gnashing of teeth of the “ pro Anderson” people this early in to the process to be rather amusing.

That seem to be characteristic of both sides.

I’m not a “fire Mike” guy at all … However, I very much understand and respect the decision that it was time to move on. This coaching search doesn’t bother me one bit.

IMO, this is why, as an AD, you should decide whether the current coach is your guy, or not your guy. If not, you move on and go find the best replacement that you can. Sure, I’ll be more excited about some coaches than others … but whoever it is will have to prove to me that they can’t get it done … I’ll be optimistic.

My prediction is we’ll end up with a fairly successful mid-major guy, and I’ll be fine with that.

I am quite comfortable at this point waiting to see what happens. And regardless of who is hired I will withhold judgment until sufficient times has passed to assess his performance.

Just as it took 8 years to assess Mike’s

Mike had his time and he was not successful at building a sustained competitive program, mostly because of poor recruiting and retention, he got caught with his pants down far too often. Let’s see who we hire before we get all up in arms, MA had his chance and he failed.

How could anyone express how they think when nothing is known?

You’re just trying to stir stuff up, because you’re mad Mike got fired.

no gnashing of teeth here. most of the moaning i see is from the i wanted anderson to have a legacy contract fans. i see same names over and over, and most wanted anderson to stay. i see a few of the others. i am for whoever HY picks. and whoever he picks, the i love anderson fans more than i love the hogs fans, will criticize whoever it is. if the next coach, in his 8th year, has made the tourney three times and 2 tourney wins to show for it, it would be time for him to go also. however i don’t think he will be given the rope anderson had.

sorry, but you guys gloated every win anderson had, said where are the haters. even when we applauded a good game… most never hid behind a rock, had justifiable reasons for their thinking. most all the fans that wanted anderson gone just want a better program. that’s all NOONE I KNOW OF HATES MIKE ANDERSON. and if by chance HY PICKS the three stooges, i can criticize him if i think its the absolute wrong decision.

but im not going to whine because i didn’t get my way.

I don’t think next coach should get 8 years. He doesnt have a lost scholarship. New coach upgrade higher price taking over the second sec win % in last five years despite this past season. Mike took over an 8th in sec win % Hogs program for 9 years of combined Heath and Pelphrey era. Last 8 years our best sec win % since 1996 including Nolan. Pel and Heath era was below 50% sec win %.
Our first five years in sec is our only better sec period. Mike lost trip to sweet 16 twice to NC, Pel also lost to NC in battle for sweet 16. NC destroyed Pel. Heath made two ncaa but never won because Bucknell and USC.
Since new coach is pricey, much more is required than the 9th in sec pay of so called Mediocre Mike. New coach must make sweet 16 and make tournament most years or its not our money’s worth. Wichita paying Marshall for no sweet 16’s since 2013 and NIT final four.

If the new coach is not successful in the first 4 years, he probably won’t be in the next 4. There is nothing as frustrating for fans as a coach/team that wins just enough to keep the coach 1 more year.

It’s not my or any other fans fault that Anderson got fired. He simply did not win enough and his recruiting and coaching led one to believe that he did not have a plan to win more.

Thank goodness we have an AD that understands that winning is important. WPS

Funny, you “Keep Mike” fans didn’t seem too interested in my opinion before… but, thanks for asking. I have faith in the AD and the new coach until proven wrong on the court. Most were giddy when BB was hired from a resume standpoint and it turned out a disaster, so it’s all about the next four years performance for the basketball program to understand the full value of the hire. Not eight years, four is enough in any sport to see trending results in recruiting/wins/coaching/development/tournament participation.

We just fired a coach who was previously very successful mid major & Power 5 coach prior to coming to AR.
Not sure how thrilled everyone will be with a fairly successful mid major coach. But that may be all we can get.

I’m willing to bet that even if we go to Plan B, C, D, etc. we’re much better off in the long term.
It was time.
CMA had reached his ceiling and next year would have been a disaster resulting in his firing and being in the same place we are now only another year behind.

The key was to either make a change or go all in with support.

It would not have been wise to do a lame duck one-year thing.

Bingo. Mike is a good dude but isn’t “The Guy”. He had 8 years and got paid handsomely ($20mm+) for those 8 years. He will be fine.

While I was not in the fire Mike crowd (and was somewhat surprised at the firing), the issue was not what he did at UAB or Missouri, it was what, in 8 years, he had done at Arkansas. I fully expect a “up and commer” to be hired. That is what Eddie was, that is what Nolan was, that is what Heath was, that is what Pel was (he was the one I doubted the most when hired, he was young, but I didn’t see anything in him that made me think he was an “up and commer.”) Mike was not an up and commer and got more time than Heath or Pel did. I expect who ever the new guy is to get 3 - 5 years to show that the program is going where it need to be.

What else are you going to do? Keep a coach forever because he had success some where else? Again, I thought Mike needed another year, but DD has said over and over that you couldn’t do that, either had to “go all in” (give him a big extension and say “this is our guy for the long run”) or fire him. Given those two choices, I do think HY made the right call. I wasn’t looking at it that way before DD posted that. If DD is wrong and you could have just rocked on and saw where we were next year, that would have been my choice. But I THINK we can all agree that where we have been in the last 4 years (forget years 1-4) is better than when he got here, but, not good enough. Do I expect Final Fours every year? No. But, for me, more than what we have gotten in the last 4.