I'm proud of the Hogs.

They went into Auburn and they played with heart and pride.

They showed they have not given up and they are willing to fight.

The defense was very good anf played with passion.

The offensive line is a sieve and you can’t expect an offense to score when they QB is running for their lives. The wide re rivers still struggle to get separation and our QB makes bad decisions, likely from lack of experience.

Our special teams is a shambles. That’s where our poor past recruiting is really showing up. A lack of quality depth to be used on special teams.

A lot of recruiting need to be done to get through this.

I feel better about the future today than I did yesterday. I guess that’s what we need right now.

Go Hogs!!!

Other than special teams - which of course is a very big deal - we resembled a football team and gave great effort.


Gentry, agree with your points and definitely feel good with how the Hogs competed against a tough team on the road. Just need to keep building and improving. It doesn’t get any easier but nice getting back some of key players back from injury and hope we came out of this one injury free.

Best fix for this is a kicker and punter but unfortunately with so many other needs right now really can’t consider a scholarship.

I think Bauer can become the punter. He’s just a freshman…Bama has a terrible punter also…not that it matters to them. We need a kicker at least for kickoff’s with a stronger leg.

well said, I really like how our team competed yesterday, and I think we have a QB and Boyd looked like an SEC tailback. OL and receivers need a lot of reps, and RT needs recruiting.

ST, as you’ve all said, reflect our lack of any depth. the punt blocking should be extremely fixable.

we actually may get 2 or 3 more wins this year.


very proud defense was awesome O line was ok QB was ok special teams far from special keep improving

I see a few tweaks:

  • The Oline may get better with a stable starting five and the return of Jackson. The Oline has been shifted all over the place last year and again this year so these guys can’t get any continuity. We have to pray that Clary picks up Center, Capps continues to improve and Jackson improves. Sadly, Gibson had some breakdowns and Wallace looked like he did last year at times. Improvement really is a function of recruiting.
  • We need more slants and quick passes to negate some of the weakness of our WRs. We may also have to use more WR screens with 2-3 WRs to block. Improvement here really is a function of recruiting WRs that can stand up to the physical CBs in the SEC.
  • QB- I have been told numerous times by those that have attended practice that Ty makes better decisions and is pretty accurate in practice. He has been on the sidelines so long that he has lost his confidence. CK started 3 or 4 games last year but Ty played a few series at most. He was playing scared in the first 3 games but last night he seemed more determined than scared. He needs to become confident and last night was the starting point as well as CCM stating that we are sticking with him as the starter this week. He didn’t get pulled for mistakes so he got to play through them. Let’s pray that Ty can improve enough that we don’t throw Noland to the wolves over the next 2 games.
    -Special Teams- is a coaching issue and a depth issue. We do not have enough depth to play the defensive starters on Special teams especially in the age of HUNH spread snap counts. Our lack of QUALITY LB and Dback depth is showing up on special teams, as is the weakness of our WRs. Most teams have enough depth of good LBs, CB, Safeties, RB’s and WRs to provide speed and tackling. Most teams also have enough TE’s, Dline and Oline to provide beef for special teams. We don’t have any Oline quality depth and very little Dline depth to provide to special teams. Our TE’s are an enigma with a head case, too soft or too slow players.

I normally do not pay much attention to what coaches say in the post game news conferences but I have to say that the coach said exactly what I saw on TV and was glad to hear what he said.
The general comments on this post are accurate and no secret about it, I am proud of the attitude the team had and the effort. I will be interested in seeing if they continue that next game.

Overall, I have hope we will get much better in time.

I keep seeing comments about the need for a special teams coach. What’s up with that? Does Coach Morris think it’s unnecessary? Do they coach it by committee? It seems if our opponents have them it would make sense to cover that base. They obviously need some coaching. Just wondering if Coach M has discussed his ST philosophy and I missed it.

Playing with effort and heart like that - even as undermanned - showed a lot.

I’m proud of them as well.

If they began the season like that we would be 3-1

I’ve ripped on them this last week for the lack of effort and pride. Last night was better! It all starts with effort and pride; you can build on that.

I hurt when I think what could have been, if we played like this the first 3 games. I thought this game would be like last year’s since Auburn buys very good players. We were much better on defense than I expected. I expected an epic meltdown on Offense because of No protection, no WR separation, weak QB play, no consistent run game yet somehow we started to show something to build upon.

This game was really much closer than I expected if you take away a long punt return, a fumble return deep in our territory, a blocked punt deep in our territory, an interception return and a kick return for a TD. We played against one of the best Defenses in the SEC and Nation. We also played against a dynamic Offense with very good talent.

Ty is going to allow us to start running the RPO consistently but he doesn’t have the wheels to open up all of the playbook or options. When we do pass, Ty is getting so much pressure that he can’t set his feet for accuracy. The WRs don’t fight through press coverage to get QUICK separation for Ty to get rid of the ball BEFORE the rush and blitzes get to him. I won’t even detail the Oline issues anymore. I would hate to be calling the plays for this offense, yet there is hope for continued improvement. Ty and Oline can show improvement quite soon with more snaps.