I'm probably in the minority but

Lol, this thread has sooooo many old people posting. I get it, I’m 48 and I’m willing to look at it the same way but I deal with these youngsters every day and it makes me remember when your bullet proof. Kids are kids. Can’t take the raw emotion and joy out of it. (Even though I cringe when they dogpile)

Well if you consider 18-22 year olds that are approx 5’-8” to 6-5” and approx 170 to 220 lbs to still be kids physically.

I might of missed it but did Campbell participate?

I used to see Knight cruising around campus on his moped all the time, usually with Biggers on the back of it. MUCH more dangerous than dogpiling IMO.

Also, I’m cool with college kids doing both of those things.

I keep thinking “metal cleats!”

I always thought the catcher should protect the pitcher, not be the one that tackles him to the ground.