I'm probably in the minority but

I hate dog-piling.

I guess injuries don’t happen very often but why even put yourself in that position.

I agree with this. It scares the heck out of me every time I see the pile on. Wait until you win the “Whole Damn Thing” before risking anything that could cause a season ending injury.

It will continue until there is an injury.

Generally, I agree with you. At the same time, i will admit that I do love seeing the raw emotion after a win like that. In the moment, it is exciting.

Still, when it was happening Monday I kept watching Cronin as his joyous teammates grabbed him and he was supporting 6-8 bodies other than his own. You could see him trying to navigate how to fall down and not twist a knee or sprain a wrist, etc. Thank goodness he was able to. And then, for about 15 seconds, there are 200 lb youngsters leaping on top.

I know we sound like the “get off our lawn” guys . . . and I don’t want to dampen their enthusiasm. Heck - they earned that. But I do worry that one of these days someone is going to get an injury that will keep them out of the CWS, or worse.

Wasn’t the specific situation, but in the Michigan State-Michigan football game in 2015 when all Michigan needed to do was get off a punt, the punter muffed the snap and MSU returned it for a winning touchdown on the last play of the game. The Spartan player who scored the touchdown got dogpiled in the end zone and suffered a season ending injury. Although it is also possible that he was injured when a Michigan player tackled him as he was crossing the goal line.


I agree completely. I don’t know how we (by “we” I mean all college teams) have avoided a major injury so far. I enjoy the emotion, but there needs to be a safer way to express it. It would have been so easy for Cronin to have stuck out his are to slow his fall & then have it broken after all those guys jumped on top of him.

I wish the coaches would find a way to discourage it. Tell them to run around the stadium, go grab fans in the front row, hug each other 2 at a time—anything but this dangerous tradition.

I agree Richard. During the dog-pile I was looking closely to those valuable arms to make sure someone didn’t jump wrong on them. I know the kids like it but not me. Of course I’m old.

He broke his hip. Also, that call by Sean McDonough never gets old.

I can only think of once when a college baseball player was injured in a dog pile. UCLA had a second baseman break a wrist after they won their super regional about 10 years ago. There are a lot of things that college baseball players do that are more risky than dog piling.

No doubt about that, but this seems like such an unnecessary one. It’s such a momentary gratification & then mostly for those on top. Standing in the batter’s box involves risk, but at least we make them wear helmets & penalize pitchers who intentionally hit a batter. Most risk-taking is foolhardy, but it’s not a good idea to encourage a risk just because it’s not as bad as another.

I almost posted the same thing Richard,makes no sense whatsoever to come running and jumping on someones back or neck…I cringe everytime i see it…

They’re kids, let them enjoy it. How many of you have ever won anything that compares?

I don’t think anyone opposes them enjoying it. Heck, we’re all enjoying it. I enjoy the enthusiasm we see in the dogpiles. I like seeing the kids having fun. However, I think those of us who don’t like it think someone is going to get hurt in this particular type of celebration. If Cronin had hurt his throwing arm or shoulder at the bottom of that pile, I expect we’d all be wishing today they’d celebrate in some less dangerous way.

It’s a different matter, but DVH told the team after the game, “don’t get into any trouble tonight.” We all know what he meant. He knew they’d celebrate. Wanted them to celebrate. Didn’t want them to do something dangerous (or illegal.) That’s really all this is about. Doesn’t matter what we think, though. They’re going to do until someone gets hurt. Might keep on doing even after that.

…if you have never actually played you really just don’t know. I know many of our posters are ex-athletes but… :sunglasses:

Does winning the lottery count?

The only thing I’ve ever won that compares to it was the lottery to stay out of Vietnam.

I get it but I still worry.

I asked Trevor Ezell about dog piling today. He said, “I think we’re all watching out for one another when we do it.”

I looked at that video very closely. It kinda looks to me like before the Spartans starting dogpiling him in the end zone, he was already in pain, so the tackle may have injured him.

And you’re right, that was a great call by McDonough.

Nope, that $5 scratch off isn’t the same.

I think whoever named it dog-piled should spend a lifetime with the person that thought a baseball mound ought to be called a bump.