Im paying

$17 a month and now im being forced to sign up for a newsletter to read article’s…enter my email to read and still cant access article…quit espn streaming earlier this week…dont want to quit wholehog…can someone plz explain what is going on?..

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Yes, very annoying!

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Are you having to log in again to read articles? That’s been happening to me off and on for years. Logged into the forums, go to read the articles on the main page by selecting “Latest News” and it will act like I’m logged out. Then it let’s me read 3 articles for free, then asks to subscribe…but I just log back in. Funny part is if I just go back to the forums from the front page even if I haven’t logged back in from there, I’m logged in again.

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The same thing happened to me. I am logged in and can access and read all articles except a couple which do not display fully. Then, there is a message that either a separate sign-in is required which when attempted results in the same experience. Strange that some articles can be accessed and others are not fully visible. I’ve been trying to determine if it is something on my end or otherwise.

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I’m sure Bob, Tom and and Matt wrote great articles,…shame i cant read them…

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I am having these issues for the first time this morning. I can login to arkansasonline and read the full articles that will not display on whs.But if I use my tablet rather than laptop, everything opens just fine. Wondering if Chrome is causing this all of a sudden.

I got the newsletter prompt once yesterday. I just clicked the login prompt at the top, logged back into my account and was able to read no problem.

@MattJones I’m having the same issue as noted above. I tried the fix Jeff used but that does not work either. I’m unable to read articles.

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Happy for ya guy…

If you are receiving that message it means you are not logged in. Check to make sure you are logged in at the top of the page.

I think we might be having a system problem that is affecting logins. I have sent an email alerting the techs and they have already replied that they are checking into it.

I would add that our emails are not marketing anything except our content. The email is a set of links sent each morning or whenever breaking news occurs.

Check this thread for an alternative way to read the content.

@MattJones I tried the fix Jeff suggested again and now can read the articles.

The newsletter is free. It’s not a bad thing.

Matt,…appreciate you posting the articles…its that when it comes to technology ive often said I’m pretty much a Neanderthal…the slightest changes ya’ll do throw me for a loop…I’ve built several decks and remodeled the complete interior of my house from top to bottom without hardly making more than a rough sketch…but when it comes to technology it just doesn’t fit my brain…:smiley:…thanks for what ya’ll all do…

Dale Carnegie devotee, you ain’t. Try and help people out and the chihuahuas bite my ankle.


I deal with evolving technology in a lot of areas. It drives me crazy. My wife often says I was born in the wrong era.

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