I'm on the outside looking in

but it seems like we may have had a bunch of players who may want to do stuff their way and dont want to be held accountable. I could be wrong, but something was going on with the players.

Oh you aren’t wrong, you’re so right.

I don’t think that’s quite it. I think there are a bunch who all think they should be the starter and the main man. They see studs coming in and know youth is going to be served. Some see the hand writing on the wall. If you don’t think you are going to play, you hit the road in today’s culture. In the old days when you couldn’t just leave if you had your degree, they stuck it out and competed. Now, they have an easier option. I do not think this is the way the rule was intended, but maybe things work out.

We needed a bunch of people to leave so we could sign 29, which now include Ben Hicks, in this class. I’m sure CM didn’t try real hard to dissuade those who weren’t entirely happy.

A good house cleaning has been over due for a long time. A complete change of attitude is needed from the weight room, practice field and the playing field for games. Keeping dead weight around won’t do any good.
Let the young guys play.

Well, this behavior is indicative of their behavior on the field. When the going got tough they folded like a cheap chair and didn’t finish. Now they are doing the same exact thing off the field…SMH.

I’ve been very critical of where we are in football. But I think this is too easy of an argument to make. I would imagine all of these guys work real hard. Harder than we will ever know. Off season college training is a beast, man. And very few of us have been through something as demanding as an SEC spring or fall practice. I suspect that instead of raw quitting as you say, the Hogs just weren’t very good and it may have looked like they quit due to that. When you’re whipped physically you’re just whipped — especially in the 4th quarter. So I don’t subscribe to what you are saying here. They badly need a talent infusion. That is starting to occur.

Hawgjawbend, I think you pretty much nailed it. All season long, when people would ask me what’s wrong with the Hogs, I would say they’re just not very good. Simple as that. I would add one more thing. Football teams need strong player leadership. That has been sorely lacking the last few years. Hopefully this recruiting class will have some true leaders that others will respond to. It’s a must…

From the outside it appeared that CBB was a player’s coach and very laid back in his approach to most things. That type of environment is hard pressed to work in the SEC West and coupled with inferior talent, is/was a disaster. Along comes CCM and he realizes what a buzzsaw he stepped into and what he has to do to win. CCM is more of a disciplinarian and has harder bark than CBB so he doubles down on his basic instinct. Coming out of a CBB swimming pool and jumping into a raging river was bound to change minds for some (leaving) and change attitudes for others (staying).

I think it mainly just came down to the talent level. I think his second wave of coaches was not as good as the first wave. I’d say that I believed Paul Rhoads and Dan Enos were both top shelf and you see that they continue to be coveted by others. I like both of them a lot as coaches.

When the O-Line is so bad that 3 & outs occur more often than 1st down any defense will looked whipped defending the ball on the opponents 75th Offensive play of the game …mostly on your side of the 50 yd line.

The Arkansas Defense improved by leaps and bounds (from 113 to mid 70’s) with nearly the same exact starting roster.

The main difference this season is Ben Hicks will already be aware option 3 the moment the ball is snapped and not dancing in the backfield for options 1 or 2 to break open.

Like with Clay, I don’t agree that it was kids wanting to do their own thing and not wanting to be held accountable.

Some didn’t buy in, but it was mostly a talent issue.