I'm Officially Done

with ESPN, CBS Sports, and the SEC Network. Their perpetual fawning over Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee is too much to take. Don’t forget in the midst of all this UK and Auburn lovefest going on is that Bruce Pearl and John Calipari are CHEATERS, and everyone knows it. Pearl was fired at Tennessee for CHEATING. Calipari had not one, but TWO Final 4s, vacated because he CHEATED. Watching Pat Bradley, an all-time great Razorback player under Nolan, praise both Auburn and Kentucky just kills me. I know it’s his job at SECN but still.

I can’t believe anyone would be dumb enough to pick Tennessee to make the Final 4. Arkansas will advance further in the NCAA tournament than the overrated Volunteers. You can take that to the bank. Rick Barnes had Kevin Durant for TWO seasons and couldn’t make it, but yeah sure, he’s going to get the overrated Volunteers to New Orleans. Riiiiiiggghhhhtttt. lol.

I’m not watching or listening to any more of these overpaid media pundits slobber all over Cal and Pearl or watching any games involving Auburn, Tennessee, or Kentucky unless they’re matched up with Arkansas. I’m only watching Arkansas play and that’s it. Rant over.


I feel your frustration, jegg, and I agree. It’s over the top and disgusting.

I would not be surprised if Tennessee gets to New Orleans. I also would not be surprised if Auburn, Kentucky or us get to New Orleans.

I agree, Jeff. And, as much as I hate to say it, Bama and LSU could make a deep run too. Jegg’s point was about disrespect, and it’s a valid point. I’ll be glad to get away from playing SEC teams and get to the real tourney, because the SEC is legit good enough to have 4 teams in the Final 4. I guarantee no one wants to play any of us in a one and done scenario.

Bama and LSU are too inconsistent to win four in a row. Upset somebody? Yeah. String together four straight? Nope.

I think they’re both hampered by their coaching, frankly.


Hopefully , Muss and the team will use this as motivation.

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Good point, but the talent is definitely there.

If I had to make a wild guess of winning it id pick Purdue right now.

The only time I watch those networks mentioned is during games. Tune them out at halftime and pre game. ESPN lost my respect years ago.

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Somebody on TV last night said it should be Pur-ue – no D. Which is why Purdue won’t win it. You have to be pretty elite defensively to cut down the nets. Purdue’s D isn’t in the top 100 in Pomeroy. Usually it takes top 25 to win it all; Baylor was 22nd last year

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Baylor right there again with O, D, and SS.

Top 25 D teams include: TTech, San Diego State, Tennessee, LSU, Gonzaga, Auburn, Saint Mary’s, Iowa State, UCLA, Texas, Houston, Arizona, Baylor, Arkansas, San Francisco, North Texas, TCU and Kentucky.

Duke, Kansas, Illinois, Villanova and Wisconsin are between 25 and 35.

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Yeah like I said “wild guess”. It’s wide open this yr to.

That’s the best statement I’ve seen today! Muss has out coached his peers in the SEC from game 1 to present in the SEC!

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I’ve never said this before…:crazy_face:
The Big 10 is criminally, disgustingly, overrated. I would love to play ANY of them. It would be a nice break from playing SEC teams. Lunardi is obviously a Yankee that needs an eye exam.

The Big 10 bought into this Net Ratings deal from the beginning and went a 20 game conference schedule. That cut out 2 cup cake games and improved their conference Ratings. The same love fest exist for The Zags and that powerful
3 bid league! What a joke.

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Defense travels, no home court advantages. WPS

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