I'm officially a cord cutter ...

The jailbroken sticks can give access to a whole lot of free content.

Playstation vue allows you to DVR on a cloud based system.

I would be curious to know how anyone likes Playstation vue. USA and Discovery channels are two that I can’t get on my Sling package that I am on that I could get for the cheapest Vue package. Just curious how well it works. Sling has been great. Just would like those two channels.

For those who ask about PlayStation Vue… I have ATT 600 GB data plan. The only thing I’ve noticed is PlayStation Vue eats up your data a little quicker than Slingtv so I try to mix up Vue with Netflix so it doesn’t go through my data as quickly.

And when I first switched over to PlayStation Vue from Slingtv I was slightly disappointed with how it played since I have fast internet. But after Amazon Fire tv came out with an update and fixed some bugs it plays so smoothly. I love it now. I know they have a 44 dollar package that includes all the Big10 network channels, all the Fox Sports channels along with all the ESPN Channels as well so anyone that is a big sports person would love that package. Also you can DVR on the Vue based on a cloud system, which someone previously already said.

Couldn’t you save TV series to the 500GB hard drive on the PS4?