I'm officially a cord cutter ...

… As of today.

Got sick of DirectTV’s nonsense and tried Netflix for the first time last night. Called my local cable company, who is also my ISP, and got a 13 channel bundle + 25 mg Internet for $9 more than my current bill which does not include TV and only had 20 mg Internet.

We have Fayetteville season tickets. Hopefully that satisfies my sports cravings. I see a lot more radio broadcasts in my future. Anything is better than dealing with DirectTV any longer.

Long live capitalism and consumer options!

I would suggest you try SlingTV. You can download it on whatever device you use to access Netflix. It costs $20 per month and includes ESPN, ESPN2 and some of the other more popular cable channels. You can purchase a $5 add-on that includes more sports channels like ESPNU and SEC Network. It doesn’t require a contract and you can typically do a week-long free trial.

That and a digital antenna should give you access to most of the games on TV, not to mention the other platforms like Twitter and YouTube attempting to get into the live broadcast arena.

We got Sling several months ago. Not many channels, but MUCH cheaper. We went from close to 200 bucks to about 30 a month.

I suggest amazon fire stick jailbroke with Kodi, about $65 on ebay.
Check it out. Awesome!

Wow, you way overpaid. I got my Amazon Fire Stick from Amazon for $39 about a year ago. It is now listed at $39.99.

Well, here is a question?
How do you guys get by IF you need such a thing as moving
20 Jpeg’s and 5 MP4’s 10 minutes long and 10 2-5 (MP’4) long. Videos

I need Drop box. So how can I get that done with cutting the cord?
And high speed Fast as it will go…

Just wondering?

I’ve gone from SlingTv to PlayStation Vue. It’s basically just like SlingTv but plays more smoothly. I think your variety of channels are better too. I really like it. The package I got was 34.99 which includes all ESPN channels including SEC network. But they do have a 44.99 package with tons of sport channels as well.

Many solutions for TV. The issue is the need for an internet connection.
Any opinions on your favored provider and the minimum speed you deem

Whatever you do, don’t get satellite internet unless it’s the very last resort.

Roku and Sling TV for less than $29/ month, love it!

Can you record shows with slingtv or any of the others?

Was it Jailbroke with “kodi”?
You can buy the firestick at bestbuy for about $30 bucks.

I think there are some ways to do that, but you have to be pretty tech savvy. Most shows are added online or to an on-demand channel pretty quickly now, so I think that’s how most people watch when they don’t have a DVR.

Have sling tv and an antenna. Have the cheapest dsl internet available and completely satisfied. Spend a total of $63/month on tv and Internet. Won’t ever have cable or sat again.

PlayStation vue also looks to be a good option.

Well I use Cox. I have their next to the highest speed. 100 GB? Not sure what term they use but I’m going to move to the 200 rate next week. A cox tech guy has to come out and program or fine tune that.

Any other options guys?
I would try any of what has been talked about here I just need an internet connection able to move a lot of data fast.

You can get internet service without cable. I have no idea what sort of package Cox offers, but I know that it can be done.

I won’t cut the cord (yet), mostly because I record and watch my favorites later.

I have a question for those who have either Play Station Vue or Sling. Are you able to use the various apps on tablets like iPad that require a provider like a cable company or Directv to view their content?

You get watch ESPN app as part of sling. There are others that work with the sling subscription. Only works with the channels you get through sling. Many people use another persons login credentials to access other apps but obviously that’s not legal.

Between free stuff available online, Netflix and sling our family could no longer justify the cost of cable not to mention it always seemed to go up a few bucks every few months.

Jailbroke for 39?

Why would I need to jailbreak it when it is legal? :?: