I'm not too worried.

Teams go through ebbs and flows once into conference. I’ll hold my worry until mid February when fatigue and injuries become a factor. I think Mike has proved himself with his teams. The most important run to make is that one at the end of the season.

I agree . They will be fine, but the Hogs guards either have to step it up,or the bench . At least on the road bit Miss St & Auburn have provided the blue print to slow the Hogs . They will be fine , but it always seems once Hogs get ranked they lose their true north on how they have to play in order to be successful. Maybe they read their own press or something. Maybe they need to go back and read the preseason press to get their chip back on their shoulder. The last 2 games (even the game against TN) the Hogs really didn’t play very well. Only beat TN due to Barford & Macon going off. The bench seemed to stay on the bench.

I feel we will be ok because these same players looked great while playing a tough schedule prior to Christmas. Something odd is in their heads or it could be as simple as flu. Everyone else has it!