I'm not sure I like this weekend tournament

Playing to an empty Major League stadium, a lot of distractions. Maybe we should do one “not in Texas”. Maybe Atlanta. It’s basically SEC versus Texas, and Texas North (Norman).

I like the College Classic, and Arkansas has played well there in the past. This has just been a bad weekend for the team. I don’t think it has anything to do with the stadium or the event.

Dave Van Horn is going to schedule one of these early-season events more often than not and most of them are being hosted in Texas (Houston, Frisco, Round Rock, Arlington). It makes sense for the Razorbacks to play there because of its emphasis in recruiting the state.

It doesn’t really matter where it is, there are going to be a lot of empty seats at these events. That’s just the nature of college baseball. Minus Omaha, if you’re playing in a neutral site you’re going to be playing in mostly-empty stadiums.

They need to play good competition in good weather. Learn more than if you play eastern Illinois at home.

I think it is a really great for the kids. However, I am a baseball fan number one. I got tired of seeing the announcers interview Shriner kids while the game was in progress. You missed a piece of the game. Maybe that is bad thinking on my part. If so, I apologize.

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No I was thinking the same, they did it a tad too much. Also with the director of the event, that one was the worst, because I really wasn’t all that interested in him talking, atleast was curious about the Shriners kids and how they were doing.

I didn’t care for those long interviews, either. When the game is going on, I want to see & hear about the game. What’s worse was the cameras were on the people in the booth.

I feel kinda guilty because I can’t think of a better cause than Shriners Children’s Hospitals, but I’d rather they promote it during breaks in the action.

Our “ambassador” for this tournament was Hunter Woodhall, the sprinter with the prosthetic legs on our track team. Unfortunately for the tournament Hunter was busy this weekend about 100 miles away in College Station winning the SEC track championship for the Hogs.

I am sure I didn’t like it!!! :cry:

Since it’s for a good cause, I’d be more than okay if they’d simply do the picture-in-picture thing, with the interview in the upper right-hand corner of the screen; no biggie if they even stop their in-game commentary for the interview segment. (I’ve certainly muted announcers before.)

The interviews were bad but the camera work was worse, so many times they would switch to the wrong camera or they’d be showing the dug out or the crowd instead of the pitch. I watched more than just our game and it was consistently bad.

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