I'm not Muss

But if I was, I would think long and hard about trying to entice Corliss to replace Crutch. This makes so much more sense than Johnny Jones. Thoughts…?

I think Corliss would be great addition to the staff with his history in the AR program (Nat Champ) along with his extensive NBA career. Also thought CMA should’ve found a permanent on court spot for Mayberry at the time.

Based on what? Some elite coaching or recruiting ability he’s demonstrated as a college coach? Based on the Mike Anderson buddy-hiring system that leads to underachievement and frustration and eventual firings of everyone? Based on that fact that he was a great player for the Hogs? Based on a feeling you can’t explain?

I don’t see Muss making hires just for the short-term thrill of creating a feel good moment. I’m as big a Corliss fan as anyone but I’m also a believer in making decisions for the right reasons.


Seems a little aggressive, but I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

I think we all like to see former players, especially the ones who have had coaching experience, join our staff. But, most times, it’s hard for us to accurately assess the skills assistant coach candidates have. There are some assistants that are known and very accomplished - mostly, those that have been the lead recruiter for very talented players consistently, like Crutchfield. But, those cases aren’t common. Most assistant coaches a and their skill sets aren’t public enough for us to know whether or not they will likely be successful.

Corliss may or may not be a good candidate. There’s unsubstantiated info out there that he wasn’t a big fan of all of the recruitment that goes along with college basketball. Some believed that’s why he went back to pro ball. Of course, he struggled greatly as a head coach for UCA, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great assistant.

Assessing assistant candidates or hires is almost impossible, unless you’re actually in the profession.

I’ve been told this by people who you would consider substantial.

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Who is the last coach that hasn’t struggled at UCA? What happened to the last guy? Didn’t he quit or get ran off during the season? Supposedly he was going to right the ship.

Corliss does not need a job. The next job he takes will be because he loves the team and wants to jump back in. With Creed getting older and starting to get recruited I would be shocked if Corliss moved again before Creed graduated.

I remember Musselman laying out what his ideal coaching staff looks like:

Former Head Coach: Corey Williams now fills that role.

Longtime Assistant Head Coach( I think? It was something like this): Chris Crutchfield filled this role, I think this is what he’s looking for.

Coach who’s light on College Coaching Experience: Clay Moser now fills this role.

Corliss Williamson really doesn’t fit what’s he looking for. Couple that what Corliss not liking the recruiting aspect :man_shrugging:t5:

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Love me some Corliss but he’s not a proven recruiter.

He could be lights out, but not proven.

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I was struck by your description of “recruiting of very talented players”.

With the previous staff, they spent much time evaluating yet undiscovered talent, latching on to them early and convincing them to sign. Their. success and what they achieved at UAB, Missouri and Arkansas is more based on that.

With Muss, I don’t think they spend much time evaluating undiscovered talent. They are more about recruiting mostly 4 stars and 5 stars already established by ranking services and then if they can’t get them, look at transfer portal at players that have proven themselves.

I didn’t think Corliss was a good match for what Anderson needed. On the other hand, he might excel on what Muss expects from his recruiters. I think Corliss may be a very good closer of these established stars. He never had opportunity to talk to stars at UCA.

Plus I think Jeremy is expecting Corliss to be also a teaching coach for big men.

However, I think it is going to be hard to get Corliss back into College coaching.

I have read articles in the past Corliss doesn’t like to recruit,

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I’m very confident Coach Muss will get the right guy. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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I want the single best recruiter available.

Time for this program to get back in national discussion. Too much history and pride.

If that’s a former Razorback, even better.

But want the best recruiter possible.

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