I'm not much of a Nick Saban fan

… but, I can certainly respect what he has accomplished on the stage of college football.

Still when I read things like the following, I begin to like him a bit more. On this particular topic, I think he is 100% correct.


He is the best period.

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Saban isn’t perfect but I really like his coaching value system. It’s not about being better than the other team but being the best you can be on that day. I agree wholeheartedly on his comment here.

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Bama might have been the best team in the country this year, when their QB was healthy. That, and a couple road losses in the SEC - by a sliver. They absolutely dominated K State.

I was thinking that yesterday. Here are two guys that are most likely top 5 picks playing in a game for nothing but pride, but they did so because they are part of the team and program. I admire that. Will follow them in the NFL and wish them the best. They do not quit on their team.


Hear, hear!

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You guys hit on it. The reason Nick is the best coach ever is because he gets a players best each time they take the field. That is hard to do from game to game much less year to year. I don’t know if anyone will ever do what he has done. If I look at current coaches, Kirby might be the only one who has a chance. I felt Bama was the 2nd best team in the country and should’ve been in the playoff. After yesterday, I am fine with the 4 teams they selected. What a great day of football. We had about 20 people over at the house yesterday and everyone was glued to the TV for 7-8 straight hours. That rarely ever happens in todays world of cell phones and social media obsession. Well done College Football.

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Another Saban brilliant move… everything he says has a purpose. Watch what happens next time Bama is not in the playoff picture… the horses will show up.

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Under this format, which only lasts one more year, a 2-loss team just isn’t getting in. So Baton Rouge took care of their playoff hopes.

Now in the 12-team format, Bama would have had a home game to begin, and I sure wouldn’t want to face them in the round of 8.

Oh by the way, that round of 8 game would have been against Ohio State.

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I totally agree with him. He is a phenomenal coach, not the easiest guy to play/work for because it’s hard to match his demand for excellence 24/7 but you will learn some football and when you leave there you’re going to know how to win and you will be prepared for the next level as good as you can be prepared

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Kirby Smart is not easiest guy to play for either.

Because he learned under Saban.

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Excellent post, thanks for bringing it to our attention. This entire thread has been a great example of some of the best observations and input available. Bravo.
Saban has been a big part of why college football has been so successful in the last decade. He gets the job done.

Saban and Sexton have made a lot of money for alot of coaches and still are. Saban was the first with what was considered outrageous contract money at that point in time. Saban also has increased enrollment and general university funding for Alabama. He has cast a large net, including those he has gotten into NFL. 15 years of 10 win seasons===GOAT.

Yes, I have to give Saban credit….great post…I know it won’t happen, but I wish every college football locker room would post it on the bulletin board.

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I agree with Saban, but it’s also self-serving. Of course he doesn’t want his players to opt out, he’s the coach and wants to win. Not that he couldn’t have an unbiased opinion also that the best option for players themselves is not opting out (assuming they don’t get injured). Now if you really want to give coaches credit, I vote for those who do their research when it is a close call and advise a player with eligibility left to go pro because it is in the player’s best interest, but not necessarily the team’s (except in the long run, when recruits know the coach is honest and has their back).

No doubt about it.

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