I'm not going to panic, although I'm disappointed.

I believe that Alabama’s offense only out scored the Arkansas offense by 5 points. We just have to continue to improve!

I’m still here , but the Defense and the OL have got to do some magic, quick.

BTW DW is good but blocking is the reason is not in there more,
Missed 2 that just about got Austin killed.

I think Arkansas plays the three best teams in the SEC the first three SEC games. I think November is winnable.

It does appear that the best four teams in the SEC are Alabama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss and Tennessee. Not sure they are in that order, but maybe they are. The good news is that the schedule gets better. Auburn has always looked like THE game on the 2016 schedule. I’m not saying Ole Miss can’t be beaten. But the must win is Auburn.

I for one was sure wrong in thinking that the D line would be a strong point of the team this season…

I know people on here hate for me to say this, but AUB has looked better the last two weeks. I never thought we’d beat Ole Miss. I’m concerned about Florida, I think from what I’ve seen they’re a lot closer to us than many think. I’m also worried about LSU, with Ed O running the program, they did look better last week.

I agree it’s no time to panic. We were 2-4 this time last season and we turned it around. Except for a blocked field goal, we would have been undefeated the rest of the way. Somehow our D has got to improve for us to do that again. Woo Pig…

I’m not panicking, I am probably worse. I am not sure what to call my mental state. I still care, but I have basically no expectations other than approximately .500. Not only for this season, but for the future.

I have had doubt about BB since he was hired, but we showed improvement each year. I thought maybe we were building toward something. Now, maybe this is just a bad year, but this team is not nearly as good as the last two. The games against A&M and Bama show that. The outcome is the same as the last how many ever years, but we went from being close (giving away a couple of A&M games and playing Bama very very close) to being boys playing men.

Just like a lot of things, it is hard to be for sure there is a “trend” with limited data. Maybe this year is just a hiccup and the improvement will pick up next year. But right now, I just don’t see us EVER competing with the big boys.

With preseason expectations, I think there will be some really sick Razorback fans by the time we get through the next four games. As you say AUB is looking better, they have an SEC defense again, and heaven help us if they have any speed in the offensive backfield or WR.

If something good doesn’t happen with the OL and the whole D, after Mizzu we may all be on life support.

Auburn will be well rested and brimming with confidence after their last two conference games. They beat the snot out of MSU.

Hopefully we win this week and next - if not an 0-4 start in league play will not sit well in what should be a program hitting its stride in year 4 of the Bielema era.