I'm not firing anyone today

Probably won’t bench anyone either. Maybe I’ll feel differently after I study the game film. The team appeared to be well prepared and the effort was there. We even made adjustments to their adjustments. Yes we made too many mistakes. Too many penalties, blown coverages, and of course, the KO return. Still, we fought through it and had a 50/50 chance to win the game in OT. I’m not happy, I’m not satisfied. I still think we finish 6-6 or 7-5. After the season would be a good time to evaluate the coach’s future. Still much football to be played in the meantime. And speaking of the future. How bout that giant quarterback?

I agree completely. And I do like Kelly as the QB of the future

A very mature and thoughtful assessment. If we have any scholarships available, I hope we get a kickoff guy who can kick through the end zone. This consistent issue over the past years has been extremely costly.

There are over 11 million reasons that no one will be fired this week. Long should be on the hottest seat for the huge buyout he gave CBB. There was improvement in some areas but digression in others. OL, QB deserves a lot of heat. And the big plays given up by the D reverted us to last years defense.

It’s about to get really ugly.

Sad for an old timer to see. :cry:

50 points???

I agree that you don’t fire anyone today and don’t see anyone to bench.

I don’t think you fire BB at the end of the season (too much money), but I don’t see us ever being very good under BB.

Keep him two more years, then start over, again.

Go forward 5, 6 or 7 years, repeat.

Of course they are not firing anyone today, but let’s revisit that statement in late November. 4 -5 wins in year 5? Completely unacceptable. Let’s see if Bret can coach his way off the hot seat. If he can win 6 with this team, he will probably stay. This team just does not have any playmakers at this time and the squad is slow…we just can’t run. A+M’s speed gets us every year.

What does it say when a coach on the other team is on a blistering hot seat and has beaten our coach 5 years in a row? I’m not sure ,but whatever it says is not favorable for Coach B.

Say what you will about Bobby Petrino, but I have to thank him for giving Arkansas what I consider to be it’s glory years in SEC football; the 10-3 and 11-2 seasons. I’m 72 years old and don’t expect to see that happen again. He was a great coach if not such a great man. Had he been here the last five years I think the Alabama streak would have been over and the AM thing would have never started.


i agree with this.

Reality is, most successful coaches are egomaniacs that aren’t liked by others. They don’t care. They get paid millions of dollars and relate very little to their fanbase. BP was an ass. So what? So is Saban. So is … et.al. Most schools pay them to win football games.

CBB may not be fired but Coach Anderson might be. O-line is very disappointing. I think that is what I am most upset about with CBB - I expected to always have solid line play and have upperclassmen ready to step into roles year after year. The idea that we are playing a freshman baffles me.

Comments: straight to the point,I like that