I'm not afraid of Mizzou's Offense

Other than the injury ravaged Tennessee Defense, those gaudy numbers were put up against some real cupcakes. Delaware State? Bet we could hang a hundred on them if we wanted to. They haven’t lit up any SEC D’s other than Tennessee’s. Take away Damarea Crockett and they will be even less threatening. I think we hold them under 30 while easily putting up at least 6TD’s of our own. I’ll go ahead and call it 49-28 good guys.

I would be concerned with our defense against a really good high school team. That being said I think we win but give up lots of yardage. Your score prediction could be very close to the actual score. Hope you’re right.

Agree completely! We’ve only had one or two really solid defensive performances this year against SEC competition.

This D has been hard to predict but a loss today would be a total let down if it were to happen

If #29 keeps getting burned, Missouri going to make all interesting.

Right now, they are having a second half let down.

If #29 keeps getting burned, Missouri going to make all interesting.

You afraid yet?

I am no longer interested in the prospect of our current DB coach replacing Coach Smith as Defensive Coordinator

Our Dee is so pitiful we can lose to anyone on any day! D.C. Smith needs to go immediately and then CBB can collaborate with that hire in also replacing Segrist and Rhoads. Our Dee is a dumpster fire and results and statistics show it. We are pissing this game away as we watch and we will stink the place up. Out with all of the dee staff and start fresh.


Eagle, this is what I was worried about. Missou’s offense was better than we thought, and unfortunately our defense was worse