I'm no fan of Duke, but

I loved seeing them embarrass Calimari to the tune of a 34 point beat down. I can just hear Cal talk about how young his guys are and maybe now they will listen to his Ghandi-like basketball wisdom so he can mold them into a team (yuk).

It was never even close.

It looked to me like Cal bought the wrong players this year! Totally ocermatched at every position. Oh course it may be Coach K was the highest bidder.
Cal talks all that young stuff and about him molding them every year. It has gotten old.
Maybe he should realize that he has done far less with more than any coach in the country.
Making a comparison Kansas beat Mich St and the game ended up tight but Kansas has a player sitting out until his elegiblity is cleared up! Another pay to play guy.
Maybe Coach Self should sit out until the player is cleared to play. His news conference declaring he not none of his staff have ever offered cash or anything to a recruit or that’s recruits family or ever would is just another lie!

The hogs should be able to play and compete with Kentucky but Duke and Kansas are loaded 2 of the best teams money can buy. Maybe Kentucky can get a refund.

To believe that Ky,Duke or Kansas play within the bounds of legality of the NCAA is foolishness. Yes it was good to see Kentucky get the cat litter kicked out of them even if it was by Duke. I firmly believe you reap what you sow and all the teams mentioned above will eventually reap as all do. WPS

Duke will win it all! I watched them and Kansas, no contest in my book. There first game and I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen.

Coach K is playing the one-and-done game better than Calipari is. I don’t like the tactic, and Coach K’s fanboys are sickeningly unctuous (look it up), but I would have enjoyed watching the Jellycats get mopped up.

Unctuous(def) …artificial, phony, pretended, two-faced.

Swine, where did you pull that one from?.. Wally Hall’s Thesaurus? By the way “Wally Hall’s Thesaurus” is the answer to the question…What is a book that has never been opened?

Whenever I think of the talent pool that Coach K and Cal have enjoyed, I always wonder what Nolan could have accomplished with that type of talent. I would like to think a lot more national championships than those combined.

I also wonder how Nolan’s coaching career would have played out if he had acepted the Ohio State offer. He could have attracted a lot better talent to OSU than Arkansas.

Calipari has taken some indirect shots at Krzyzewski through the media past year or so. I’m sure Coach K enjoyed running it up the other night.

“Calimari” :lol: