I'm never drinking Pepsi again!

They have run the same commercial at every break. Enough, already!

Amen. That was extremely annoying.

You would think they would have at least one alternative.

I noticed the same thing, but it seems common for ESPN2 to run the same commercial over & over during the course of a game. Regardless, I think this one set a record. I don’t believe a break occurred where that commercial didn’t run.

Pepsi sucks anyway! Go Coke! :smiley:

Y’all make me glad that I was listening to the radio. :smiley:

I am not sure who got more annoyed at the endless loop Pepsi commercial, my wife or my mother. I had never seen that ad before tonight, and now I will probably be seeing it in my slleep.

I know. I’m only group text with my friends and I texted them the text of the commercial (after the first dozen or so times it ran) and it got out of hand.