I'm lost WHY

have we been rated so high and can’ hit LH pitching.

230 Vs 280 for RH pitchers???

You got me. That’s our kryptonite.

Because in spite of those numbers, we’re 48-11.

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JMO but I think the main thing I see is we are swinging at high FB too much and trying to pull everything, The way you hit LH is to take the pitch the other way bc they live on the outside corne,

I think it also doesn’t help us that our switch hitters Moore and Opitz hit better LH, just a hunch though, I think Webb starts and leads off and has a good game. Welch also due to spray the hogpen with a little juice tonight, both are just gut feelings


We haven’t been great against LH but WE CAN hit them, Mcleod from Ms State and Nikhazy from Ole Miss are arguably the 2 best LH we have faced(especially Nikhazy who is filthy nasty!) an we got 6 and 4 runs off them respectively,so we have proven we can hit them and this guy Povich is not as good as either of them,so hopefully tonight is our night to show up and show out against this LH!!

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