I'm like everyone else

in thinking Washinton State’s total defense numbers were horrible. Why the numbers aren’t elite they’re not as bad as I thought.

2019- WSU No. 110

Arkansas- No. 113


2018- WSU No. 37

Arkansas- No. 77


2017- WSU No. 18

Arkansas- No. 111


2016- WSU No. 47

Arkansas - No. 79


2015- WSU No. 86

Arkansas- No. 46


2014- WSU No. 100

Arkansas No. 10


Good information RD! I like to look at facts as part of my decision process each day. This helps. And he is doing this in Pullman n the middle of no where.

Alex Grinch was the DC at Wazzu from 2015-17. He’s now the DC at OU after a year at Ohio State in between. I think you can attribute that improvement to him in large part. But at least Leach can hire a good DC and let him do his job.

Good information. I watched the last WSU game and changed my mind about Leach. The defense was not great and the offense did not have one of their better performances but what Leach does on offense is very exciting. I then watched other games involving potential coaching candidates and those offenses were like watching the same thing over an over and to be honest rather boring.

Leach like any other good coach needs a good defensive coordinator to handle the defense but if you think his offense is bad for the defense then you are not seeing what I saw. His offense takes advantage of the entire field but there was nothing reckless about what they were doing. He throws the ball a lot and uses the pass to set up the running game but those passes are beautifully executed in ways to take what the defense is giving and here is the thing that helps the defense the most and that is that his offense scores points and it is almost impossible to get them off the field on a 3 and out because of his short passing game.

Leach more so than any other candidate is going to attract high end offensive skilled position players. He is a QB’s dream come true and he is always going to attract good QB’s and skilled position players because of his offensive scheme. A good QB attracts good receivers and that combination is what opens up the holes for a running game.

Leach has been successful wherever he has been. He has not won championships and has not had the elite type teams but he has perhaps done more with less than any other coach, but the thing that is most impressive about Leach is the number of good young coaches who are from the Leach Coaching Tree. It would take a lot of research to list them all but this guy has several successful coaches who have connections to Leach and that is something that is very impressive.

Leach has a weird personality which is likely impacted by his connection to the legal profession. He says things that get him in trouble but his actions on the field were right the opposite in the one game that I watched. He was very composed and was completely engaged in the game. There was no crazy antics and he never once got into one of those sideline rants with the officials. He was very business like with his players and they played hard every play including the last play of the game when he called a timeout when they were far behind just so they could run one more play. Good coaches never give up and they convey that same desire to their players and it is obvious that this is a part of his DNA. Leach was very professional on the sidelines and his team played hard to the very end and there was not one incident whereby his players did something stupid. Leach may do some quirky non professional things in press conferences but everything about the on the field game was as professional as I have seen. No dog peeing after a touch down and no stupid penalties like we have seen over and over from a lack of discipline.

Jackson has done a good job of promoting Leach to this board. We fans have our loyalties and many do not care about other teams or their coach but in todays’s world you have to because they may end up in your conference or their ideas do. Successful coaches are rare. We are fortunate to have the interest by a number of these coaches but thing I like from what I am hearing is there is more involved discussions on the assistants, ability to recruit , and even if they have Sec or major/ pro experience. Now we do not know if this is a fact since info is nil from HY but if true then the whole process is more detailed than leaving it to coach to handle like the last two here. Focus on assistants and recruiting and development is music to these ears. Hope it is true.

I can’t imagine our pansy ass administration approving a Mike Leach hire. He has more baggage than Bobby Petrino did. He is a good coach, but there are a lot of good coaches out there who don’t come with the potential issues of Mike Leach.

RD and Barry Switzer like him, but the board is really pretty solid behind Lane Kiffin. I hope Hunter Yurachek is an insider member so he can check the pulse of the common fan.

How much baggage does Lane Kiffin have? Leach and Petrino. Might want to check out Joey Freshwater’s baggage. Or just his coaching history and see if there are any red flags. Like leaving the SEC for USC. Leaving Bama the way he did and landing at FAU.

How many P5 jobs has Kiffin been offered in the last three years? If not many or any why is that ?

Why has no SEC team taken Leach, when he’s attempted to get just about every opening for several years?

It’s always a two sided thing

Kiffin at FAU was an opportunity for him to prove that he can be on his best behavior & that he can show maturity after his unsettled history. Also, Saban was pushing Kiffin out at AL so FAU was a convenient & immediate opportunity until he could move up to Power 5 team. His success at FAU may now make him a viable candidate for most schools. Surprised that he is not on FSU’s shortlist.

So we shouldn’t hire either due to baggage?

I always like to look at conference stats because they are playing the same teams for the most part.

Washington State’s defensive rank in the Pac-12 under Leach has been 11th, 4th, 2nd, 7th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 9th. The best year was when Alex Grinch, now at Oklahoma, was the coordinator.

I don’t think that’s the case.
The baggage isn’t a huge deal to me.

It’s more about who can get us out of the rut?

You have to recruit your way out of this, on top of good coaching with a great staff.

Kiffin without a doubt could put recruit Leach, and more than likely assemble a better staff.

Leach is probably better with Xs and Os, and could win some games, but he’s not a good recruiter, and our talent level would never change. That’s something that to me, is the most important.

Chad started it, he just couldn’t coach a dog to bark. That was his problem. Need both.

How much value do we place in recruiting rankings over the coach’s tenure? Realize that is only part of the equation since CCM had improved AR recruiting but could not develop or motivate the talent & had incapable coordinators. Looked at the following candidates & their impact on recruiting rankings:

Drinkwitz: Previously App St was ranked 101 to 113 & now ranked 71 in 2020 in Drinkwitz 1st yr.
Leach: Previously WSU was mid 60s and now consistently ranked mid 40s under Leach.
Norvell: Previously Memphis in upper 60s & 70s & now under Novell ranked upper 50s & 60s.
Kiffin: Previously FAU ranked 70s to 90s & now under Kiffin 60s & 70s. 2020 is ranked 106 & assume drop due to coaching change rumors.

An FSU concern about Norvell has been his inability to crack the FL & TX talent rich markets.

They need to go hand in hand.

You can not succeed in this league consistently until you have adequate talent, and more importantly depth. That comes with recruiting ranks that are good.

I think that top 20, would be enough, as long as we have good coaching and development.

What is the difference between the #1 class and number # 15? Probably a decent bit.
But what’s the difference between #8 and number 18? I don’t think that much. I think there’s a drop off to a more equal level after the first 2-3 classes, which are usually in a league of their own.

Good coaching with good talent and depth, is absolutely necessary.

Just my opinion, but I think Kiffin would be better than Leach for two reasons.

  1. His recruiting. If he keeps Lunney, and Stepp, you have AR and Texas, Kiffin’s name is big in FL and CA, Strong or Shannon (both names rumored as DC) have big names in FL, Kendall Briles is rumored as OC (Texas), and I’ve even seen it possible he tries to get M Smith to return to Fayetteville (LA). That’s national recruiting, not just Texas (I think that is an issue Morris had, he concentrated on Texas. Good players (4* in many cases), but they were the left overs after Texas and OU got theirs.

  2. The coaching staff, look back at the names listed. Those are known names.

I don’t think Leach could attract that type coaching talent to surround himself with, and because of that, I don’t believe he could get into the homes of recruits the way Kiffin would be able to. Kiffin also seems to let the offensive coach and defensive coach, do exactly that. Not sure Leach allows that. Maybe a Petrino type game planning and practice.

Alex Grinch was his DC at Wazzu for three seasons. Their defense got better every one of those three seasons. Which suggests to me that Leach let Grinch do his job and didn’t do things like not letting the defense work on stuff in practice that might hamper the offensive flow, like our favorite sexual harasser did.

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What is the difference between a 4 star left over from Texas or Oklahoma, and a 4 star left over from California or Florida? They are still a 4 star.

Don’t care who is hired. I think Kiffin would be a good hire. If it’s someone else I’m good too. Just ready to cover winning football.

I posted the stats because I was very surprised. I didn’t expect the numbers to be that good.

FWIW, I don’t know if the board is pretty solid behind Kiffin. I think Leach has his share of supporters.

Board should have minimal input on a coaching hire. They’ve proven that.