I'm just so tired.


Exhausted and MY EYES hurt

I think we all are. Think I’ve given up hope. It was embarrassing. Fans deserve better

Yup - me too

I’ll tune in later -

I’m getting very jaded

I have found myself in CBB’s shoes… crying.

Thats the way it goes. Another beat down.

I agree.
This donor and suite owner is done with this bad product.
As a former offensive lineman, I am embarrassed.
O line coach is in over his head.
I like Bret but he is not the answer.
Dark days ahead for this program.

Yes, I was in Columbia for this disaster today.

I am starting to feel a numbness. I’ve lost interest. It’s bad football.

I could feel my “give a damn” leaving during the second half of the game.


We’ve moved to the second phase of losing a program…from anger to apathy. This can’t be allowed to go a lot further.