I'm just not going to watch.

Going to watch track and field. I’ll check back in after the game. Just can’t handle watching our forwards miss jumpers from 15 feet.

it is very hard to watch for sure…awful!

If we loose this game which appears will happen, I will officially be off the MA bandwagon. I hope the team does well, but since he just signed an extension we will be in same boat as we were with CBB! Good coach but not great by any means!

We are in trouble because so many fans are scared to question CMA. It is going the wrong direction by CMA refusing to adapt like he did last year.

I’m not. The BOT has to make a change.

LSU is using the same strategy of shutting down the Big3 of Barford, Macon and Gafford and forcing the other two players to beat them. The stupid trap double teams leaves someone wide open all the time. If you are slumping it is much easier to get out of the slump with wide open shots…very wide open. Fatigue is killing us at the guard spot, so the logical thing to do is stop trapping so much, go to more zone with some man switches to keep the opponent off balance.