I'm in Omaha

It’s always great to be here. I’m sitting in the TD Ameritrade press box as I type this, in between Arkansas’ press conference and team practice here in about an hour on the field.

We made it into town this morning around 1:30. I brought my wife and the baby, so we didn’t leave Fayetteville until we got him asleep last night. He made sure to make us pay for that by waking up early this morning. :smiley:

It’s a bright, hot day here, probably just like it is back home. I’ll have quite a bit of content from here later today, including a story on all of the assistants who had a hand in getting Arkansas here and some video from practice and the locker room.

Glad yalll made the trip safely Night Rider. I’m sure you missed not being able to see the beautiful countryside of NW Missoura and Iowa, but it was probably a lot cooler in the car. Are there good hotel options near TD Ameritrade?

The ballpark is downtown so there are plenty of downtown hotels. Of course they’re probably darn near full… Closest is the Holiday Inn Downtown, two blocks away, and a Fairfield Inn is right behind that. DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Garden Inn, Hotel Deco, Hyatt Place, 402 Hotel, Magnolia Hotel and EVEN Hotel are also nearby.

The Hogs are staying at the Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District which is about a half mile from the park according to Google Maps.

There are a lot of nice hotels downtown, but they are pricy - typically in the $300-400/night range. We are staying at a Marriott property across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa, about 5-10 minutes from the ballpark. I actually booked the room three months ago in preparation for Arkansas making the CWS, and had a 48-hour cancellation option. I’m paying $130 less per night than they are asking the people who are booking this week.

We have reservations at Doubletree (1/2 mile from stadium). As teams lose out, rooms will become available.

Smart people making smart moves.
Excitement galore. :smiley: