Im hopeful that this

Tennessee has far more instate talent than we do, if you don’t recognize that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Nashville and Memphis are large cities, Beth much larger than any city than Arkansas has.

11 of tennessees top 15 players are consensus 4 stars, with several others rated as 4 stars by some other sites.

To compare, Arkansas had 2 consensus 4 stars, both are QBs.

So please tell me more, about what you know little of.

…and how many D-1 schools do they split their talent with???
and how many do we split ours with? 2
State of TN, like AR, does not have the demographics of other SEC states like GA, AL, FL, MS, & LA… just sayin’… TN is a Pasteurized State, so to speak!!!

First you can look at recruiting rankings that 247 says we had the 22nd rated roster in the country and #8 in the SEC only seriously trailing the Bama to Fla. group who consistently outpace us.

27-4*s on the roster not including the 2 we signed, 3 counting Boyd.

Several high 3*s also on the roster, recruiting rankings aren’t everything but they are a good start. News Flash the best players didn’t always play under the former staff, if they weren’t an upperclassmen you had to be vastly superior in practice, and if you weren’t "uncommon " enough you weren’t going to play even if you were faster, or stronger etc.

The OL will be much better because there are talented players there, now Zach Rogers leaving is going to sting, he was probably the best OL at the end of the season, but my belief is there is a lot more talented people in that group. I think you will see better coaching there as well, Anderson was an abject failure.

Defense has a minimum of 4 draft picks playing and many youngsters that have yet to even contribute that seem to have potential. Bell and Taylor are going to make people all confused about where they came from, Harris, Agim, and Pulley are some of the best in the league, Ramsey is an NFL player who will shine next year.

We have had I think 29 players redshirt the past 2 years from very good recruiting classes that have yet to contribute for the most part.

Lastly there is a very, very good chance the 2 best recruits in this class don’t sniff the field next year in Pool and Noland. IMO Boyd, Mason, and maybe Foucha are the only sure bets to see action because there is that much talent on this roster.

We are all disappointed that we didn’t finish with a slam dunk. But as noted above, had we just signed at least 4 more 3 star type players we would be about where we have been with Bret. Our ranking is grossly skewed bc we are penalized for not signing 20. I can get as negative as anyone on this board but facts are facts. The ranking is not true measure of the talent. believe it or not, I think several of these guys are underrated. Parker being the most obvious, he’s 4 star talent. Boyd our Juco back was a highly rated 4 star in high school. Jucos aren’t rated the same.