Im hopeful that this

is the lowest rated/#'s we will see in the Chad Morris era. Have to give the new Staff a pass on everything for at least this year. After that, something like this (overall class) again would be difficult to justify…

I agree on the rating but nothing else. They were hired to do a job, and they said they could do the job in recruiting and winning football. Taking over a very talented roster unlike Bielema, Ford and maybe even Petrino before that, no passes will be given by me, do your job! I will give them a passing grade on this recruiting class, certainly not an above average or anything.

#Hammertime #Razorboogie. Next class.

After looking at their videos I am impressed with the talent. The numbers are the only disappointment and that couldn’t be helped.

I think one really good thing in this class is that they got a pair of SEC safeties, which we badly needed, as well as a good CB. At least one of those safeties is probably going to play a lot next year. I like the DL and LB signees as well, so I thought on the defensive side the new staff did a good job.

On offense, except for Boyd I don’t think they got any one who will be a big contributor in their first year, so we will just have to wait and see in 2019-20 whether we got much help here. They just could not make up enough ground on some of the more heralded WRs and OL they were chasing, but they certainly showed signs of being able to get their foot in the door on some of those guys. The QBs are both intriguing, but I just don’t see throwing a true freshman to the wolves unless you are absolutely desperate, so I think both probably redshirt.

The good news is that I think we have plenty of skill position offensive talent already, and I am actually pretty confident that we will have good QB play. The big key to to me is whether the OL holdovers show marked improvement.

Solid job by the staff in the short amount of time they had with a very limited amount of schollies. I am really pleased that they followed through with a heavier emphasis on D as it was needed and can continue to build on it in future years.

We missed on a few but also flipped a few. In the short time they have had recruiting and building relationships, they are really busting it to get the brand name out there and visible and this should only help to build on an even stronger class for next year.

Looking forward to seeing how solid the Razorfast 2019 group will be!

Hawgin, please explain what you mean by Chad Morris and his staff taking over a very talented roster. I don’t see that at all. Our offensive line play last year was bad. If there was any talent there, they would have been playing. On the defensive side of the ball, the only players of note were Harris and Agim. We are woefully thin, in my view. There may be some good players who redshirted, but we really don’t know if they are players or not.

We don’t have a proven quarterback. We aren’t loaded at running back with Whaley and the Memphis kid. Whaley has been, in my view, a disappointment. David Williams was our best back, and he is gone. Tight end is a very talented position, however. I just don’t see how you think we have a talented roster. Tell me where you think I am wrong. I hope I am. The defense rests.

I think the roster has talent, but it just doesn’t have enough of it. They signed some potentially key elements that may change that, especially on defense. The two safeties should see the field, maybe not as starters, in the coming season. There’s some redshirt players who may help with the talent. Overall, it appears they added speed in key areas. Where the roster did not have talent was in the offensive line, and the staff added three more to help with depth. I have hopes that our faster skill players already on the roster will have a different opportunity in the more wide-open offense, but the line will have to be better. Think this staff did the best they could in a short amount of time.

I think the offensive talent is good at WR, RB, TE and actually at QB.

CM gets the benefit of that group of young WRs and TEs going through a lot of their growing pains already. I think he would like the WRs to be taller, but this is a nice group to build on. The RBs have talent as well, a very solid group who will benefit enormously from better OL play. The OL has some guys who were well thought of out of high school but as a group have underperformed. Re-tooling the OL is the key on offense. CM will find a couple of QBs in the current group out Kelley, Storey, Hyatt and Aune, I don’t expect either freshman signee to play next year, but a post-spring transfer among the scholarship returnees would not be much of a surprise. CM has developed QBs wherever he’s been, so really not a worry.

We do have some talent on defense, but it is thin in most places and missing at some positions. Agim, Harris, Ramirez and Pulley are all good to really good players. Pulley is going to play on Sundays, and Harris and Agim might also. Calloway, Curl and M. Brown all have enough athletic ability to be good secondary players. Briston Guidry did some good things late last season on the DL. This recruiting class should help with speed and athleticism on that side of the ball. We are still short of talent at LB and rush DE, and that is probably the biggest headache Chavis has to try to work around by developing what he’s got and scheming around the holes.

I hope it’s never again this bad either. I don’t think we have ever had this bad of a class. 68th nationally, and last in the SEC. It’s not what we are capable of. We can do better. I think a lot of players were shaky about the experience of our coach. Many kids had to be nervous about our staff. Everyone used it against us. I was told that LSU and Tennessee was telling kids we were going on probation because of BB.

But, I am very worried about the lack of experience on this staff. I know I have said it before, but this is a tough league. It really is. This coach can recruit speed and players that fit, but talent is what wins. That is the bottom line.

One place I am positive about is the safeties. They look decent. Bumper will be a player, and the rest should probably redshirt. Maybe a couple of surprises surface, but I think the current players we have could improve. But, that only can happen if the coaching staff can prove many of us wrong. And there are many, they just aren’t as vocal as I am.

I will say I am glad these kids are coming to the Hogs. It is a great place and we got top 10 facilities. It’s the truth.

But make no mistake, it wasn’t a good day for us. We had a few bright spots but, it wasn’t very successful.

Elmo, I think you deliberately are ignoring the fact that it’s this low is because it’s a small class.

The average player grade isn’t bad at all

Could it improve, absolutely and it will.

But it’s only 68th because we are 4 shy of 20.

Ok so even if you look at the average grade, we are still last in the SEC!

2.92 is an awful average. Come on, man…


If you use 247 composite, the most popular and obviously the best considering it puts all recruiting services together, you would see that we are higher than Mizzou, candy, and Kentucky. Now like I said, it’s nothing to be proud of, but given the circumstances it’s not that bad.

Once again, wait until next years class until you shoot him. He pieced together a class the best he could, the early signing period really put a damper on things.

Ok, I get that our coaches had a late start, but, so did Tennessee’s, Miss St’s, Florida’s, and others… yet they aren’t using it as an excuse for their poor recruiting rankings. Arkansas should NEVER finish last in the SEC, no matter what the circumstances. I fear that this staff is all show and hype. I really hope they prove my fears to be irrational and absurd.

Me too. This is embarrassing. Dead last in the SEC. But hey, at least we are in Texas. #LastLaneHammerDown

I am understanding how frustrating it must be to be a teacher. Trying to get some of you to understand common sense things is about like forcing a pill down a dogs throat.

If you add 4 more players exactly like what we signed, we go from 14/14 to 11/14.

MSU did better than us but only very slightly their average player rating is just a small fraction better than it’s, and a program that didn’t come off of a 4 win season.

We will likely never out recruit Tennessee, too much instate talent.

Florida, same.

You guys are beginning to be comical, relax, it’s not that bad, you guys are just obviously stillbupset about the much needed firing in Bret.

Give Chad time, I guarantee next wars class will be top 25, im thinking top 20 if he can win 8.

ELMO, OLE boy your posts ARE getting very tiresome.

This is too funny… always laughed at the Bert / Bret and the fat joke stuff but now the kids are doing fake hashtags… awesome!!

Thought we’d have to at least lose a game before we started the “fire the coach” stuff up again… :lol:

At least the boards been a bit lively lately!

Go Hogs!

Good Post. Agree. Although Scott Frost had a good class at NEB… I’ll still give CCM a pass on his 2018 class. 2019, not so much!!.. I do believe he has already gotten a good start on it though!

We will likely never out recruit Tennessee, too much instate talent.

Are you kidding? The State of TN never produces that much talent. (Look at the demographics except Memphis & N’ville). The last time they won a NC, the QB was from Mobile, AL! Even prior to that, Payton was not from TN…the state of TN has LONG been known for not producing NFL talent.