Im having to sign everytime I come to board


you need to enable cookies.

If you don’t have cookies set then you will have to login. I’m not having that. Make sure your security is set on moderate level and cookies are enabled.

You can pick your browser here and follow the instructions.

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I have to log in every time on my iPhone, but not my home pc. Cookies are enabled, cache was cleaned last night before I went to bed, and my phone uses Safari.

OP speaking of his phone, or home computer, or what? No one else seems to have a log in problem with their iPhone.

I have that issue with my iPad and iPhone. It doesn’t do it every time. When I get updates, about once every two weeks, it’ll do that. It will last a few days, then it will work normal until the next update. I, however, do not think its the site, it does it on all sites and games I play. Has something to do with apple in my opinion.

Bakedhog–my iPhone requires new login each time I cross to a new cell tower in town. Your’s doesn’t? Wonder why?

Hmmm? No clue. I know me, my wife, my son, and daughter all have iPhones in the same house and sometimes my wife’s and son’s works, while mine and my daughters don’t.

The site and the board wont cause that. The auto sign on is driven purely by your browsers ability to handle cookies.

Usually what you are describing is caused by a corruption in the cookie or a piece of software that interacts with the cookies on your device, such as anti virus or malware detection.

What he said. Since Tuschawg has had this problem with multiple sites, it must be the way he has his iPhone set up.

After the initial setup on my iPhone, I have not needed to log in.