I'm having a hard time imagining fans in BWA

There’s 10M doses available right now of 2 different vaccines, they just need to have the data to get an EUA. I think Pfizer will definitely go for one by the end of Nov, and Moderna before the first of the year. AstraZeneca will probably get one in the U.K. by the end of the year, not sure how quick they will here.

Ten million doses would cover 3 percent of the US population and a fraction of a percent of world population. And an EUA does not make it available to you and me. Well, maybe me because I’m a provider. What you’ve said does not make Dr. Redfield wrong at all. It will be April or later before there is widespread approval and enough doses to treat significant numbers of people. And that assumes that people will actually take the darn things. Antivaxxers and anti-science people have convinced enough people to stay away.

I never said it would be available for you or me, although I’ve already received one. :sunglasses: It would be for frontline workers, and they’re making 100M/month.


Were you part of the test of 30K? How do you feel? Would appreciate your personal insight.

I would take it tomorrow if I could.

My wife had the Moderna vaccine, unfortunately I was delayed twice then they “filled their quota of me”. Which stinks since I volunteered the very first day they announced the trial, but anyway…

with the first shot, she felt nothing. with the second shot, she had about 16 hours of mild chills and muscle aches, like a mild flu. was fine the next day. so this makes me hopeful that she had the vaccine and not placebo. That was about a month ago, and nothing since. she reports body temp and symptoms daily for the first week after the shot, then weekly or so after that.

I’m really hopeful that I get a vaccine in November, Moderna and Pfizer both met with the FDA last week.

I had 3 more patients die of Covid last week, all 3 were 80’s, very frail nursing home patients with severe dementia, 2 were nearly catatonic at baseline, one was only eating periodically prior to COVID.

Still, it is getting old on our poor nurses having to deal with this much death. Fortunately, essentially all of our deaths these days are like this. current therapies have essentially eliminated the healthy 60 year old deaths.

And Jeff is working on even newer stuff…we’ll beat this dang virus.

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Pretty much my story on the vaccinations, the only “symptoms” were after the second shot, and they were mild. I took some Tylenol and felt better within 24 hours, fever got to 99.7, which is about as high as I ever get.

I’m sort of hoping for this so that I can get to the vaccine sooner.

Thanks for posting this. This is generally not reported anywhere.

I have a question, but you may not be in a position to know since you are getting your info first hand at the hospital? Since deaths from Covid seem to be increasing, how many are from older people (50-80) who contract the virus but, for whatever reasons, do not, or cannot, get to hospitals in time to receive the new therapies? And, further, can these therapies be obtained and administered at small clinics for those who are in remote rural areas? Could those therapies maybe have prevented later deaths, if administered immediately at first sign of possible infection? If so, it seems that many deaths could be eliminated by providing training and these medications to clinics, Drs offices etc.


A 50 yr old healthy & active friend without pre-existing conditions contracted COVID that evolved in pneumonia & a torn heart valve. He needed open heart surgery to repair the valve that saved his life. Fortunately, he was in Houston with many heart specialists since he would not have survived at a remote “dock in the box” clinic.

According to the local heart surgeons, heart damage is a frequent symptom of COVID, usually requiring surgery. Each case has a different path & attacks different organs in individuals, healthy or otherwise.

Pretty sure they do heart surgery in most every hospital. Was this an emergency surgery? I’m glad he got the care he needed, but they do it every day now.

The surgery was scheduled after the pneumonia had cleared. Would definitely not trust a small local hospital to perform major open heart surgery, especially if that is not their area of expertise, which for most it is not.

Well of course not, I guess you’d consider SBRMC in Jonesboro, AR a small hospital, but I’d trust the surgeons there as well as I would most places. So, he could have been transferred to a larger hospital for the surgery?

Have never been to Jonesboro, so I would not know. If in AR & had a choice, would choose hospitals in LR or NWA. In Houston & here in DFW there are good & bad hospitals, but at least one usually has options.

I guess it would depend on the intricacies of the surgery, open heart, no problem in Jonesboro, heart transplant, I’d probably go to LR or Memphis.

Most come to Houston Med Ctr. from all over the world for cardio, cancer, etc so friend was fortunate to live near there. Unfortunately he is a longhorn. Checked out to NWA since plan to move there, & they seem to have good medical care.

My mother had heart valve replacement done at SBRMC in the late 80’s, lived until 2019 and the age of 93, great medical care is everywhere. I have houses in both Fayetteville and Jonesboro, I’d pick either one of them. There would be certain cases of cancer I’d go the Houston, but it would be on the recommendation of my physician. Just glad we live in a country where we have so many options. And to get back on topic, looking forward to watching the hoop Hogs the winter.

Good medical care is readily available throughout but too expensive. For cancer & specialty needs, Mayo is light years ahead of the rest. My grandmother retired from Sparks Hospital in Ft Smith in her mid-90s with her longevity in part due to the quality of the medical there.

Also look forward to Musselman basketball this year but definitely enjoying CSP style of football - long overdue for this recovery. Believe UofA could soon regain top 10 status soon in all 3 major sports. Wish fans could attend the games.

Those of us who have been going have actually made a good bit of noise. There have been more people in the stadium in the 4th quarter this year than in the previous 3 years. 16 thousand people can actually make a pretty good bit of noise when properly motivated😀

Speaking of noise, when Grant Morgan was rolling into the end zone with his pick six, the stadium was loud. I looked down from the press box and most people I saw were hugging the person next to them while at the same time jumping up and down. The jumping up and down on those metal stands do make a loud rumble. It was a sweet sound.

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