I'm having a hard time imagining fans in BWA

Yesterday set a record for number of U.S. COVID-19 cases in one day and it’s not even cold yet. And basketball is an indoor sport; you can’t depend on wind to disperse airborne virus. They may be able to play but I think it will look a lot like the NBA playoffs did.

Yep with COVID numbers going up at a record pace everywhere just don’t see how very many fans if any can be allowed in arenas and coliseums. Winter isn’t even here yet.

And if Arkies are like Georgians, most will refuse to wear a mask.

Vaccine coming.

I got an email from UA yesterday. Crowd will be limited to 4000. I’m getting tickets to 8 games, and will find out which games in a
couple weeks.

I received it today, I opt for 8 games also, conference or non conference games doesn’t matter to me

From what I can tell, the UA plans to allow a comparable percentage for basketball as it is football right now, so somewhere in the 4,000 range per game.

That seems reasonable to me. Those individuals that are at high risk should probably not be in attendance, those in attendance should wear a mask and utilize proper social distancing practices and these events will likely be fine.

Thought that the US had turned the final turn with COVID going away, & no need to be afraid of COVID, & wearing masks only makes Americans look weak. How gullible I must be in believing the truth!

Hope we are not having this same discussion same time next year.

Vaccine in spring 2021 at the earliest. CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield has said it will be the second of third quarter of 2021 before one is approved and widely available, which would be April at the earliest. Too late for basketball.

I’m sure 20 percent attendance is what UA would like to do but I’m not sure that’s feasible or wise.
If you missed the numbers, there were more than 83,000 new cases reported yesterday according to Johns Hopkins University.

Assume there is a vaccine that is even effective & without side-effects, or that the COVID does not continue to mutate & thereby making vaccine obsolete, or that an effective number of the US even choose to take the vaccine in 2021. Most COVID medical experts say that they trust masks over a vaccine.

China closed for 30 days & overcame the virus & their economy fully operational with only a handful of new infections over the past 6 mos without a vaccine. Not sure how we resolve this here & in Europe

Unfortunately too late for that. That viral horse is way out of the barn. But we can still get this under control before a vaccine (or the antibody therapy I’m working on) is widely available if we take distancing and mask wearing seriously. A very big if.

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Probably not in the American DNA to give up our freedoms & way of life, even if it saves lives & benefits others.

I don’t see anybody not wearing a mask in public in Fayetteville. People are doing what they are supposed to do. Hardly any school kids in Fayetteville schools have gotten the virus.

It is easy for the Chinese to instruct their people to do anything they want. They are under a communist regime and could be subject to any number of penalties if they don’t obey.

If the Chinese are so great, why did they let this virus get out of hand to start this pandemic?

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As a side note, I learned yesterday that we are about one-third of the way to our target of enrolling 2400 patients in my study. That would put us at filling the study probably in January at that pace. And we’re following people for six months. So it might be July before we’re finished. We may have emergency use approval before then but not full scale approval.

This is drifting dangerously close to politics, but basically people left China carrying the virus before China shut down. The big surge on the East coast in March didn’t come here from China. It came here from Europe after people had carried the virus there from China.

I’m glad to hear people in Fayetteville are doing what they’re supposed to do. But way too many people all over the country aren’t. Pandemic fatigue? Sure. I’m tired of wearing a mask too (I’m typing this at work with a mask, goggles and plastic coat on).

Some still don’t believe the virus is real, or that wearing a mask infringes their freedoms, or that the mask and distancing and hand washing don’t work. But my job reminds me every day that the virus is very real and that taking precautions works.

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I opted in, but doubt will make the trip from Little Rock to risk catching the virus.

It appears to be working with me, and no side effects after 9 weeks. We’ll have a vaccine get an EUA in late Nov/Dec. it will go to frontline and the elderly first. They’ll be more than one approved during the 4th quarter and throughout next spring. We still will need better therapeutics for treatment, because no vaccine works 100%, and about 35% won’t take it.

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That is a very optimistic prediction of vaccine availability. Have not heard that from any reputable health agency.

Agreed. China is a horrible regime, I don’t trust their data at all, and none of us would like to live in their “shut down”, or even their “normal life”.

And they started this mess, then covered up this mess, then disallowed in-country flights but allowed direct flights out of country. Like, to Italy and New York.

Let’s please not use them as our model of behavior. Let’s just pray for their poor citizens.