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How many times we’ve scored 48+ and lost a football game. Our multi-overtime games have been wins except for Tennessee and we scored 38 in that one. I can’t think of any other games we scored 48+ in regulation and still lost.

Mississippi State 2015. Lost 51-50 despite 7 touchdown tosses from Brandon Allen.

Yep, just found that one. Dak vs. BA. Dak threw for 508 and 5 TDs, BA for 406 and 7 TDs. As I recall, we had a FG attempt to win at the end that was blocked. Of course that was with 39 seconds left. Even if we’d made it Dak would have had one more chance. However they had burned all their timeouts.

These are the highest-scoring regulation losses that I remember:

50 - Mississippi State, 2015, Lost 51-50

48 - Missouri, 2020, Lost 50-48

45 - Missouri, 2017, Lost 48-45

44 - Texas Tech, 1990, Lost 49-44

43 - Auburn, 2010, Lost 65-43

41 - Georgia, 2009, Lost 52-41

Yep the 2017 Misery game was a field goal at the end too. I had forgotten that TTech game, but Quinn Grovey led a rally that fell just short after Tech took a 49-20 lead. Auburn was Cam vs. Tyler Wilson after Fairley bodyslammed Mallett, and every single replay went Auburn’s way. Some nonentity named Joe Cox threw for 5 TDs in that Georgia game.

I missed one: Arkansas scored 43 vs. Texas A&M in regulation in 2017 and lost 50-43 in overtime.

Yep. I noticed that one in my research but didn’t remember that we didn’t score in OT.

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