I'm going to say

2020 guard Gerald Doakes gets an offer today. Not saying it’s 100%, but think there’s good possibility.

I would put Chris Moore on the watch too.

Both are certainly worthy.

Caleb London is the one they should take a serious look at, but as I said before that for 2020, there are more available Arkansas players than scholarships.

They are. He was there yesterday.

I’m curious…do you believe we offer a high volume of these elite player’s (2yrs out) to measure interest level or be very selective while having plan B offers.

I ask this because the staff vowed not to be caught in scrambling mode again in the Spring signing period (few yrs back)

Word around Memohis is that Caleb was the best 2020 prospect before he transferred to Conway this year. Look forward to attending Conway games this year.