I'm going to say this again . . .

I’ve been beating this mantra for a long time.

Very simply - IF (and it’s still a big “if”) Blaine goes out and wins on Monday, and then we “bring home the bacon” (coming soon to a headline near you!), HOW in the world does anyone deny him “Player of the Year” in College Baseball?

Think about it - he will (in that scenario) be 14-0 on the National Championship Team - a squad that was in the Top 10 ALL season, and in the top 5 for most of it; he will have gathered the scalps of Mize, Hjelle, Rolison, Singer, et al along the way (and, yes, I know Knight came out 1 out before getting an official “win” vs. Hjelle, but we were ahead, went on to win and he would have gotten the win if not for a line drive off his ankle). All while posting stats very, very similar to numbers to the guy who was recently named winner of the Dick Howser Award (Singer). And you can’t say that Singer pitched against tougher competition; Arkansas and Florida have swapped the #1 and #2 SOS back and forth the last month of the season, and Knight’s list of victims speaks for itself.

Keep in mind that the “Player of the year” is NOT about who will (or “might”) be the better pro prospect, being drafted higher, or even who will end up having the better MLB career. It’s about who had the better year in this particular college season. Yes, Mize had a perfect game; and both he and Singer have oodles of pro “potential”, and had good years. However, Mize lost SIX games, and Singer THREE (two of which we put on him - which is very satisfying).

But we all know that if ANY pitcher - no matter what his name was, where he was recruited from, where he ended up going in the draft, etc - put up the year Blaine has had while playing for a National Championship team at Texas, or LSU, Florida, or USC, etc. they would be the LANDSLIDE winner of all the Player of the Year awards.

That Blaine is not even a finalist is a travesty.

This is similar to how McFadden was treated by the media throughout the 2 seasons he was clearly the best player in football. Blaine Knight has the record to back it up he just didn’t get the media hype the others did. If he gets the win Monday he will clearly be the most deserving not to win the awards that has ever been snubbed. Typical for what normally happens the media darlings won this year.
Knight and our hogs have a ring in sight if they finish this off Monday and Tuesday.
I just wonder what’s more rewarding too him. The individual awards or the National Championship?

I have NO doubt that in the long run, the Championship (if we are fortunate enough to secure it) will mean more to him. I also have little doubt that his personal “snubs” are fuel for his competitive fire.

And to be clear, I’m not saying he is the “best” player in the context of future MLB potential (although I must point out also that I’m not saying he isn’t). Really, I DON’T CARE. That’s a different subject for a different thread/discussion. And, I’m NOT saying the media is “out to get Arkansas”. Benintendi rightfully won ALL of the major awards just 3 years ago (Champion Virginia’s best pitcher was just 7-2, while Benny put an “OK” Hogs team on his back and took them Omaha).

I’m simply pointing out that no one will have had (if the premise of the post is accepted) a better year in all of College Baseball - and it won’t have been close, really.

he’s had a unbelievable yr and hopefully he can bring his A game monday and close out undefeated,I would have thought he would have gone higher in the draft,The only thing I can think is he doesn’t throw mid 90’s and gives a lot of HR’s but that guy can grind and keep you in the game better than anybody in the country!