I'm going to leave the Perry's alone

And let them tend to their business as I tend to mine. They owe me nothing in the way of explanations and where their son attends college affects them much more than it affects me. I’m sure our coaching staff is well aware of what is going on and will do everything they legally can to keep Reggie Perry in the fold. If the young man goes somewhere else, so be it Soviet. Life goes on.

I’m with you, eh5. I’m tired of all the drama. All the griping, complaining and theorizing in the world is not going to change one single thing here.
The recruiting process is crazy. It’s excitement and disappointment all wound up into one ball that can take many crazy bounces. I don’t know how Dudley or Richard have kept their sanity after the many years they have dealt with the recruiting process. I guess you can’t make it personal. As a fan, however, isn’t easy, so I can’t imagine how they deal with it considering they have a much closer relationship with the recruits than we, as fans, ever do.
What ever Mr. Perry does, well, it’s all his choice. It just makes me more appreciative of those committed to be a Razorback and trying to bring this program back to the level of the so called “blue blood programs”.
I’ll trust that Dudley knows this kid and still believes in the end, he will stick with his commitment. That’s all I can do.

Agreed. Reggie Perry has the right to make whatever choice he feels is the best decision for him. Hopefully he will follow his dream and have an arena full of rabid Hog fans calling the Hogs when he walks on the college court for the first time.

Good grief…

Co-sign. They’ve been good Hogs all along and I hope they will remain.

Amen. +1 to both of you.

I look forward to seeing him lead the Razorbacks to the Final

Great parents from what I read and he’s a great player with tremdous talent from what I’ve seen, with possibly the biggest decision of his young life starring him in the face. I know nothing else to say other than I wish them the best and seek the best advice you can get and pray for wisdom in this decision. WPS