I'm give out. Plum whooped...

A hard fought win. Time for a nap…

Yeah, it’s one of those “whew” wins. I fetl like we had it when it was 9-3, but then bang, one bad inning & they’re right back in it.

I pulled into the driveway during the bottom of the ninth. Both dogs stood up in their crates. I ignored them and listened to the game.

Wow, what a game and series. BTW, have I mentioned that I love technology?

How does a team do in close games? That’s typically the difference between making the postseason and not, and a lot of times you’ll see a team win a lot of close games the year after it lost a bunch of similar ones.

The basketball team lost eight games by four points or less last year; won seven by four points or less this season.

The baseball team lost 12 games by three runs or less last year; is 9-3 so far this season.