I'm getting old

Jim Brown has died. Wow.


great player and a "B"type movie actor…seen films of him but at 67 i cant recall if i ever saw him in his prime

Jim Brown who played for Paul Brown and Cleveland Browns, yet was an Orangeman that later exemplified Black empowerment continuing until now to be his pathfinder. The greatest back of all time. He was considered the man’s man in my high school playing days.


Greatest ever. RIP.

as a very young fan and limited television, I was a Cleveland Brown fan when they played the Packers (Dr Ryan QB, Paul Warfield and Jim Brown)/ It also seemed like the most frequent BB matchup on televison Sunday was Sixers vs Celts and I took the Sixers. I agree that Jim Brown was the greatest.

One thing I remember is Preston Carpenter as a rookie was the Brown RB.
When they got Brown, Preston moved to TE. Two great moves.

One that made me a Browns fan. Of course Watson changed that. But,watching the pile move down was awesome

I remember some time in the 80’s, he was talking about making a comeback. Picture of him on SI in a Raiders uniform if I remember correctly.

I don’t know if he was serious about it or a publicity stunt.

Preston could talk about Jim Brown for hours. Loved blocking for Jim.


Great running back, but a woman beater

I vaguely renember watching him play as a Browns, but read his biography in jr high. Think it said he averaged 12 yds per carry in H.S. And of course the defense keyed on him every play. Saw him in the very forgettable movie, El Condor…my 1st r-ated film. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brown was 6-2 228 pounds and ran a 9.6 hundred. He was Bo Jackson with a mean streak. He was a bad ass. He was a surly guy, but my favorite NFL player. The Browns were my team, and they have not been very good since he retired.

Of course, the franchise Jim Brown played for is not the current Browns. They moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. Their history in Cleveland was left with the new Browns.

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