I'm from Missouri

Next year I won’t be believing any hype. As they say in Missouri, “Show Me”. We were lucky to be 7-5. We are really a 4-8 or 3-9 team judging from our performance this year.

4-8 and 3-9 teams finish 4-8 and 3-9.

They were 7-5 with four bad losses to what were good or great (Alabama) teams at the time - and one inexcusable loss to the worst team in the SEC.

They are what they are.

I’m sorry, but that’s a silly statement, being a 4-8 or 3-9 team. Arkansas won seven games this year and as I see it didn’t get lucky in any of them. They outplayed Louisiana Tech, TCU and Ole Miss when the game was on the line, and thoroughly beat the other four.

Matt, your bar is set way too low. Many of us are not as excited as you are to get to 7 wins. We were embarrassed on several occasions this year, even in games we won, and we would prefer to be proud after our play.

I totally agree with DFW. From now on, SHOW ME; don’t hype me. Write about performance, not dreams.

Remember to start the year, our CBs had those big cushions and we clamored for tighter coverage? And they did? Write about the relative success and the growth of the CBs and how they feel about their tightened coverage, compared to last year.

Write frankly about the safeties not following their keys, keeping their eyes glued to the right place, or whatever, and why that kills the team’s success. You’ve written about how they “intend” to follow these new keys; now write why they steadfastly don’t perform as the coaches instruct.

Please show me where I hyped the team? I write what I see at practice or in the games. I wrote that Hjalte Froholdt and Colton Jackson were getting bullied around in the spring, that the defensive backs were giving up big plays in the preseason. I predicted the team would win eight games. That’s not hype.

Matt–you are part of a team of Insiders that hype. I like your writing and how you see and explain things. Two of your readers–notably, DFW and me–are describing their preference for content be more about accomplishments than dreams.

Show me.

For instance, how many post game interviews of AA have him declaring how poorly he played (in his own mind, not mine) and how he will focus on fixing his play? Yet, as Pig states AA had terrible play. We cannot win with “we gonna”; win with “we just did, didn’t you observe? And here comes some more!”

Show me. Quit bragging and get down to business!

I said at the start of the season that they would be 7-5 or 8-4 if they beat A&M.

They way they loss was unacceptable.

As I have said many times, I am not a fan so I don’t get excited or depressed about 7-5 or 3-9 or 11-1 - unless it is the Cowboys, of which I do not cover and am a fan.

Arkansas played tight coverage the first two games and then it disappeared.

We did write about it - especially Clay.

Britto Tutt and Kevin Richardson - both of whom I expect to start next season in 5 DB sets - would both have helped.

The defense sucked and didn’t execute - all of us have written that.

It is so easy and so lazy to blame the media, but I realize that’s a thing these days.

Hmmmm…I’ve been around a long time, so everybody should know that I am lazy, but I had no idea DFW was a lazy sort. Shame on him! DFW, Dudley called you out; get your act together. Dudley just reports the news, but sometimes will get on his soapbox to look down on you. :lol:

Fred - I guess you can get away with your comments. I made a bad joke about Clay after the Toledo loss last year and got hounded off the board (or at least I felt that way). :wink:

I think we were led to believe the D front was going to be good this year. But that may have been because the front was playing against a bad OL, so they looked good. Reasonable to believe this, I think, because the OL was given the benefit of the doubt. Who would have thought we would have a patchwork OL in year 4 of CBB?

Wasn’t calling out DFW. Was talking to you Tuschawg. Specifically put your quote up there.

And yes, it’s easy and lazy to blame the media and you do it over and over.

Y’all can get on me all you want. It’s part of the job when the team your cover loses, sometimes when they win.

I’ve been on here all day while writing. Answering questions, offer opinions and deleting the one of you that made the extremely vulgar reference to the coach’s wife last night.

I’m sure that guy’s wife or kids would be so proud.

And I don’t “look down” on anybody.

Not how I was raised by my late mom and dad, not how I have raised my kids.

Having a difference of opinion is not looking down on someone.

And - let’s be honest - if we are going to say it is, then you are up there with me.

I see alot of posts on Tutt and how he would have helped. He is a warm body, its not he would help but at what level he would have helped. Like all these players until they play an actual game, i gotta see it to believe it. My confidence on late JUCO enrollees being a difference makers is slim.

Other than that you guys can keep debating the media stuff.

From the few practices that we did get to see early, I have little doubt that he would have ended up a starter

It’s really amusing to me that folks blame media hype giving them high expectations for the year. All Hog fans are frustrated but blaming the media for raising expectations is beyond me.

I needed a good laugh. Thanks for the humor.

When I started this, it wasn’t so much about the media as it was statements from the coach about how he was 2-deep on the defensive line and finally having SEC caliber CB’s. Neither of those two position groups are SEC caliber. They are among the worst position groups in the country. We had about 22 seniors which usually bodes well for an upcoming season. That trap is on me for stepping into it without looking closely.
I am an observer more than coach or stat guy. What I saw on the field this year screamed poor coaching, IMO. Gap control, edge defense. Effort on defense. tackling. effort to get off blocks was absent a large percent of the time. Never have I seen one football team give up as many 50+ yard plays on a routine basis. What team have you seen do that as often as we do it. It doesn’t take 60 seconds for a team to go 99 yards on us.

Yes, I read the media reports and I will continue to read them to get a general feel for how things are progressing. but any enthusiasm from this point on will be tempered. As it probably should be, anyway. Hype was probably not the appropriate word to use as it does suggest “media”. I mostly think the people on this board do a good job (and I am not sucking up). I will say that there is more to this season success or lack of behind the scenes than we will be informed of, and some things we probably shouldn’t know (even though I want to know all that is pertinent or relevant). Maybe I’m wrong and it is just talent shortcomings.

Our special teams are so-so and still costs us games and critical momentum. Their only bright spot is they don’t fumble punts and kickoffs. The bad is you can never count any FG from 25 yards out as a done deal. I hold my breath on every kickoff. We need to offer a stud kicker a scholarship. The punter was outstanding.

Hey, I’m a flawed Razorback fan. Shoot me! And some will, and i’m fair game.