I'm finally home

It was a long 13 days in Omaha/Council Bluffs. I had a great time there, even though it was depressing for the final two nights, or rather for the final game and the last 4 outs of the next to last game. Then I came through Pea Ridge, picked up my dogs, came home, unpacked, repacked, and headed to Oklahoma City for the last two days of dog shows there.

My young dog Colt finished all of his health clearances this weekend and proved to be a healthy dog. Those of us with pure-bred (purpose bred) dogs spend a lot of money insuring that our animals don’t carry known genetic defects. Colt has been cleared for hip and elbow dysplasia, day blindness, other eye issues, and had an echo cardiogram to check for heart issues. He passed everything with flying colors. Now he is on his way back to Las Cruces. He should begin competing in field trials this fall. I put this here to note that there are reasons that many people believe in pure-bred dogs. If you have no interest, that’s fine, but be aware that all of the mixed breeds out there (the doodles, the poos, and the other mutts) have the potential for any of those problems and others. If you rescued a dog from the pound, more power to you! And good for your dog. But don’t think that there is no need for pure bred dogs. My breed is one of a few considered to be outstanding explosive detection dogs. Mixed breeds are not used because of the unpredictability of such dogs.

OK, pure bred dog rant over. :sunglasses:

I’m worn out, but a little sleep will fix that. Go Hogs!

We made it back around 9:30 Friday night. I’ve been a zombie the past couple of days trying to catch up on sleep. We spent 15 nights in Omaha and most of my nights there were spent working until anywhere from 1 to 5. It was the longest and most exhausting work trip I have ever taken. I have never been so happy to make it home.

To both Marty and Matt I appreciate the work you two do to get the fans the news about our hogs! Thank You!

Thanks for sharing your love and insights for our Razorback.
It is always good to be back home.