I'm elated, but Kicking game has got to improve

Punting, of course, is great, but our kickoffs, ko coverage, & FG still scare me every time they take the field. I feel sorry for Hedlund, but he’s got to make those chip shot FG’s.

First three quarters I thought we won the kicking game. Baker punted very well, coverage was decent, Cornelius had a couple of nice returns. Then the doink, and the failure to get Turpin down on the PR, then the long KOR. Skipper saved us, although Blackledge thought Sprinkle might have blocked the kick if Skipper didn’t.

I agree. Our punter is booming it but we have got to find a kicker that can kick it in the end zone and try to allow no return. Hedlund made 2, but missed the most important. I won’t lie, I thought it cost us the game but good things happen and glad we pulled off an amazing win.

I’ve seen several shots taken at Hedlund tonight about nearly costing us the game with that miss. Most seem to have forgotten that the offense had a first and goal at the 2 yard line and didn’t score prior to that kick attempt.

That was the big failure tonight that very nearly cost us the game, IMO. Have to score from the 2 yard line.

Sorry, but Hedlund’s miss was huge, even though we should have scored a TD.

To be any kind of top team you have to be able to make what amounts to a PAT without the other team even rushing.

It is true that we should have been able to convert first and goal from the 2, but you also gotta make the chippie.

Really? Complaints? After this game? In a post made one hour after THIS game?

I’d probably save it for mid week. College football isn’t perfect. Every team has warts. We’ve seen our share of OT wins in the last 15 or so years, but it never gets old. This win was against a damn good team. I was there at the game. Just a joy to be a Hog fan last night and this morning.

Cool. What other pearls of posting etiquette could you share?

Agreed. Got inside the 10 once in the first quarter, then again in the fourth. Have to get 10 points out if that…we only got 3.

We wouldn’t have won without Hedlund making the FGs. He did just fine. He will be our FG kicker. And should be.

Ok, here’s one: Don’t use bad alliteration after a great Hog win.

Kickers rarely get praised. About the only time they do is if they kick a long FG at the end to win. I understand that & it’s too bad. Unfortunately, we should expect an SEC kicker to make all PAT’s & FG’s inside 30 yards. I don’t want to get down on the kid because he did make two FG’s & he made all the PAT’s. I don’t want him to be too hard on himself & I hope no one rags on him, but I don’t retract my observation that we can’t have these kinds of problems. This isn’t a “one-off,”. It’s a problem carried over from last year when we missed some critical FG’s–not all of them the kicker’s fault. The one last night was perhaps partially the fault of a bad snap.

I remember the last time we beat Alabama. Their kicker missed a couple of chipshot FGs & at least one PAT. He went on to become one of Alabama’s best of all time. Hedlund might do that, too. No one wants that more than I do. I’d be the first to pat him on the back & tell him to forget about it. But if there’s something in his technique, something about the pressure, anything to work on, I’d sure want him working on it. Like all positions, though, if someone else becomes more reliable, you have to go with the more reliable kicker.

However, my concern is about the kicking game as a whole. Coverage on KO’s, not kicking deep enough. All of it.

And that kick right to Turpin at end of regulation was mind boggling and Bret’s reaction said so…

If not for a skip that’s what we’d be foaming about

GREAT WIN and plenty of film to get better

Amen, Notorious. TCU didn’t even attempt to go after it. They looked like they just conceded it.

Count me in the group that thought the chip miss cost us the game at the time. Besides the 3 points, it was a momentum changer. You have to put the dagger in the heart of the opposition when you can.

I’m most worried about KO return. Our coverage has been suspect for years and not just the CBB years. I really can’t ever remember a team that consistently went down the field and tackled the returner quickly. I hope we can improve here over the year.

I think the dagger missed it’s mark when the offense failed to score a single TD after getting first downs inside the 10 yard line, twice in the first half and once in the fourth quarter.

Those are the daggers that need to find the heart of the opposition when we get to the SEC.

And, quite frankly the TCU game should never have been that close that a missed field goal in the 4th quarter would be a point of discussion.

There can be several misses in any game. In fact, there usually are. So you’re absolutely right that those things matter just as much.

However, some things are a bit more routine than others. That’s what makes the missed FG stand out. Had it been a 45 yd attempt that hit the upright, we’d have still talked about it being a key miss, but it wouldn’t have been so disturbing. A chip shot FG is something every team has a right to expect its kicker to make. It’s something like the unsportsmanlike penalty by Hill. It was no more significant to the outcome than his decision to throw on the INT Ellis returned for the TD, but it’s worse because it’s less excusable.

I’m as happy as I can be about the win but he did not do just fine. Not at all. Even he would tell you that.

Is absolutely appropriate alliteration acceptable?

Si. Acceptable on Sundays, secondary to Swine success on Saturday.