I'm done

I’m done with this team. I won’t watch another game this year. This product is not worth my time or energy. I hope we win all the rest of our games, I won’t witness it if we do.

I’m sure I will get caught watching again but I just can’t understand what is goin on with this team. Their heads aren’t on straight. It wouldn’t surprise even if we keep Mike if Barford and Macon don’t go Euro pro. Moses should have done last year, our coaching seems to have made them worse

Me 2.

What coaching?

Great post…LOL
BTW did you watch any more games??

I never gave up.
Glad the kids didn’t just give up!!!

This run of bumping old posts is just the best. Viva Accountability!

Go find some re runs of He Haw !
I’ll stick to our hogs and welcome you back. It was a great second half. Like the old days.

That first 10 minutes of the 2nd half was like old times!!

THIS is what the SEC needs SOMEBODY and I think the best choice to help change the image of the SEC!

REMEMBER when KY and use played before the Super Bowl??

The good old days.

Are we back? Don’t know but we’re close.

It’s as it should be the Hogs VS the Cats!!