I'm disappointed in the 0-2 this week

They needed to win at MSU. They were favored there and let it slip away (AU was a solid favorite today).

But, I really wonder if our fans keep up with the college game.

I’m not excusing the losses but take 15 seconds and Google the scores around the country.

Just look at today. Teams that lost on the road:

#2 Duke lost at NCSU
#7 OU lost at #6 WVU
#12 UNC lost at #8 UVA (UNC 0-2 on road this week, 1-2 ACC)

17 UK lost at #23 UT

#14 AZ lost at CO
#22 Ark lost at AU

#10 KU tied at # 18 TCU w/ 3 mins left

Also, #11 TAMU lost at home to Lsu to fall to 11-4, 0-3.

Again, I’m not happy we lost. Should have found a way to win one.

But, winning on the road in college hoops is the toughest ask in major American sports.

And, looking at this week on the schedule, one had to think it was a real potential rough patch for us.

Now, the schedule flips and we have a chance to right the ship.

It has been a bad week, but the freaking out seems bizarre to me.

All I can come up with is that our fans don’t follow the sport as much, anymore and don’t realize that you are doing well in a conference road season if you steal a handful of games and protect your home court.

This was arguably our toughest 3-game stretch of the conference season.

I get the disappointment and frustration. I share in it. But, the total freakout seems very premature.

I think it’s more of we were ranked and AUB and Miss St hadn’t played anyone. Remember what I said prior to the Miss St game, they will have a chip on their shoulder and try to prove something. We still should have won that game, but the FT disparity and a few guys having an off night killed us. Today was more, no one knows that much about AUB. All I knew was they’re 14-1 and won back to back games against ranked teams as part of a 12 game win streak.

As for winning on the road, you’re correct. CBB road games are incredibly difficult

Good points, but I wonder as well if it is Mike being in year 7.

Several non traditional programs from TCU on with newer coaches in top twenty.

Our program used to always expect to be in NCAAs and be close to sweet sixteen or sometimes beyond.

This will be Mike’s fist two teams making NCAA in a row if he keeps this one with six seniors on track.

Next year he may not make tourney.

I’m not sure anyone expects final fours but sometimes seems we are not getting to elite status as quickly as others.

Maybe missing a piece or two still and maybe now in position to at least make tourneys year after year.

I know people disagree, but earlier (OCT) me and Blu had a discussion about this vs next year, I think next year will be a better season (if Gafford comes back). I still think we have a legitimate shot at Sweet 16 this year.

I so hope you are right.

When Virginia beat North Carolina coach Roy Williams said his team looked un-coached and that was on him.
We have heard the coaches of several teams we have beaten praise the Hogs, but also blame themselves from not having their team prepared.
The thing CMA teams have consistently shown when they are playing badly is they look totally un-coached. And I think Mike needs to address that at some point.
Today he could do nothing to get his team to do the things they do when they are winning. Barford took it upon himself to try and get the team back in it, but that was mainly one on one stuff while the rest of the team looked like statues. But I saw no adjustments being made.
Troublesome trends that need to change to get the team back on track are:

  1. Barford and Macon need to play well at the same time. That happened against Tennessee, but not really in any of the loses.
  2. Stop fouling jump shooters. It is scary how stupid this team has gotten in this one area. It is not just one player, but multiple players.
  3. Stop missing free throws. We are one of the worst teams in the country in this area. Is this not something that can be coached? With all the whining about the refs in the MSU loss the fact is the team missed enough free throws to have won the game. That was what lost the game. Period. And you could see it coming in previous games. It just caught up to them at MSU.
  4. Someone on the bench needs to be able to score. The confidence factor on this team has really slipped. The bench was playing well earlier even against good teams. That is no longer the case. This team now has four people that can score and that just does not work.
    It is time for CMA and his staff to earn their money and not rely on the home crowd to drive their team. It is time for fundamental basketball, which is often not his teams’ strong suits.

He’s in year 7 and what? He’s likely to win 25 for the 3rd year out of the last 4. They took the NC to the brink last year. What’s Year 7 have to do with it? They’ll likely be as good this year. So, what does year 7 have to do with anything?

I wasn’t able to watch today, but if you thought they looked uncoacjed against MSU, then you saw what you wanted to see and nothing will really change your mind so there’s no point in discussing it.

Auburn had just drubbed Tennessee on the road so I don’t think it can be said that they hadn’t played anyone.

Year 7 in context to other programs with coaches with less time on the job that are ranked or apparently making NCAA cases as good as ours if not better.

I’m a Mike fan, but would be nice to see some more game adjustments especially on neutral courts or on the road where shooting bombs doesn’t work.

Of course every team is going to try to take away Macon and Barford strengths.

We all point to last year staying within 5 of North Carolina.

But North Carolina destroyed us this year.

Not to be argumentative.

I’m a Mike fan and as a fan it’s hard for all of us to see two dropped in a row in a year when Barford and Macon are seniors and Mike has a good team.

You rightly point out Mike’s good record three of last four years.

My only complaint is his seemingly inflexibility game coaching at times on neutral sites and the road when relying on 3 coupled with lack of motion on O doesn’t always seem to work.

May be more personnel driven as he needs some more pieces at the 4.

Again, hard not to be disappointed when perhaps Mike’s best team and senior laden team drops two in a row at time hopeful to see program take another step.

But doesn’t mean this team coulld not make the final four.

I tend to think if we can create some more 4 or 5 inside scoring, we have a shot on neutral sites of NCAA to get to final four.

What the Razorbacks need is two coaches one for home games and one for road games or one Nolan.

We will be ok with the talent we have, but we aren’t even shooting FT’s very good. Our good FT shooters have been missing for a few weeks. The standing around on offense can be fixed but that may be a fatigue issue. We are thin at guard if CJ continues to play poorly. We have a bit of talent at the 4 spot so those guys have been really productive between Thomas, Cook and Bailey. We are fortunate that Hall can give our guards some rest, and he is getting some developmental minutes. He looks like he has an all-around game and we are going to need it. Let’s all hope that CJ pulls it together quickly.