I'm curious how we rank in facilities in the SEC

I know I’ve heard our recruits say we have unbelievable facilities and I know people around our program say that,but I would like to see an overall current ranking of the facilities in the SEC to see just where we actually stand. I know baseball can hang with pretty much anybody in the country, I’m curious to our football facilities rank compared to everybody else’s

I think those change so constantly, there’s no way to know. Everybody in the SEC has top notch facilities. Rankings are really subjective. Size is easy to measure, how new or old they are is easy to measure, but other than that…

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Would definitely be harder to do right now, but eventually I’m thinking it shouldn’t be that hard to have an organization go to each school and report back to what they find and then compile a ranking system. Heck I would love to do that myself

FWIW, the academic center is the largest in the SEC and probably the nation. Several parents have raved about it after visiting a lot of other schools.


You are asking impossible right now. There is no school going to let anyone go through their building right now.

One, practice has started. Coaches are paranoid for anyone waking around their building.

Two, the precautions for Covid are just too strict. It is not going to be possible to get in their buildings.

That’s one reason it’s so hard to rank facilities. One school might have something outstanding like our academic center, but fall down in another area–like our game day lockers were before the NEZ addition. I understand the Fred Smith Center is really nice, but not as nice as Alabama’s, LSU’s or TN’s. Bud Walton was the class of the conference for years, but it has gotten somewhat dated compared to new facilities at OM, AU, & the remodeling at TN,

Yes like I said that would be hard right now but I’m surprised it hasn’t been done recently before all of this.

It is/was a moving target. Facilities are constantly being upgraded. If you did a ranking it would be out of date in three months. For example our baseball center in right field at BWS.

It is more of a moving target in football and basketball. It would take a lot longer than a few months for anyone to catch Arkansas in baseball. The combination of the stadium, the indoor facility and the new building is far and away better than what anyone else in the conference has right now.

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Yes things definitely change but it’s not every 2 or 3 months. I’m just curious to how we really stand overall…

Back around 15 years ago, The State (Main newspaper in South Carolina) did go to every campus and review all of the facilities at every school. The result surprised many (uneducated) SEC fans - Arkansas won, and it wasn’t by a nose.

It was a lengthy article (I searched for it but cold not find it anymore), and it quoted several of the SEC’s AD’s admitting that they were playing “catch up” to our overall facilities complex.

Well, 15 or so years later, the gap has narrowed. But I still think when you look at Football, Basketball, Baseball, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track…and don’t forget “The Blessings” for Golf…nor the various practice facilities, counterparts for which many have nothing at all…we’re right up that at the top.

Ironically, Football is probably the “worst”, relatively speaking. That’s because most everybody else puts almost all of their priority on that facility. Still, DWRRS is a fantastic football venue by any objective measure. Middle of the pack in the SEC, but the top 10 venues in that conference are all Top 30 nationally.

And too much value is given, IMO, to the capacity…it seems like to those WHO HAVE NOT BEEN TO ALL OF THE VENUES THEMSELVES, more is “better”. But that’s not always the case. Seats can be very small and uncomfortable, concourses crowded. For example, I was personally very disappointed when I went to a game in Oxford a few years ago. Yes - the Grove is “nice”…kind of their unique spin on tail-gating. But I’m there for THE GAME, and their facility was very “meh” to me. Reminded me of one of the bigger HS stadiums here in Texas. it had no personality. On the other hand, Georgia…only 4th or 5th in capacity…was much nicer.

Beyond Football, all of our facilities are in the top 3, if not number 1. Overall, I still like what we have in Fayetteville over the rest of the field.

Mostly agree, except for BWA. Went back last year for the first time in a while. Didn’t miss more than a game a year there from the time it opened until 2000 or 2001, but it is really showing its age.

Agree. Concourses need a major upgrade and they need new seating stat.

Yeah it is. Hard to believe it’s nearly 30 years old.

I expect we would lead the league in track and field facilities,

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I love Razorback Stadium…I have been going there since I was a boy. It is really cool the way it sits in the valley where you can look down on the field.

It may be, however, the most uncomfortable stadium in the SEC because the seats are so close together.

Also, the bench seating is way too close front and back. No knee room and no back room. Jeff Long should have sat in them for a game or two. He would have insisted we spread everybody out. We are like canned sardines. War Memorial, before it just deteriorated was much more comfortable.

I promise it is not alone in that. I’ve been to Neyland and it has narrow seats and rows very close together. That’s how they get all those people in there. I’m sure that is true of other stadiums too.

Very true about Neyland, pretty much all of them that have over a 100K seats, been to Bama several times and there on top of each other too. I’ve been to Razorbacks stadium once and did not feel it cramped as some of the others.

Amen Marty. I used a friends seats for every Hog game at Neyland for years (yes…including the 98 game) very uncomfortable. Plus these seats were under the upper deck supposedly keeping the rain off. There was a big leak hitting our 4 seats in rain. My buddy paid big bucks for the rights to these seats and always gave them away.

Neyland is worse. I’ve heard they only allow 15 inches of butt room. RRS is 18 which isn’t adequate for many modern derrieres but 15 is a lot worse. Leg room is another issue but not one easily fixed. You can always move the seat numbers farther apart on bench seats, but leg room requires renovation to fix.