I'm confused

So no recruiting profiles, no list of commits, same information we would have got at a better site, for a higher price?

If that’s the case, why not delete account, read the free articles and check scout, rivals for who we actually get. I normally never complain but to wake up and the site be totally gone with no heads up is not fair to the customers(loyal followers) who have spent countless dollars and years on scout/hawgsillustrated. There should have been a heads up. Will someone explain how to disable an account so I will not be charged again? Thank you

If the recruiting profiles are your thing, then Scout is a better option.

What we will have is up-to-date news and information on the recruits. Richard and Dudley are two of the best in the business, and are tireless workers.

We did our best to alert customers. We sent emails and letters. We posted information on the old site that was removed. If you wish to cancel your subscription to HI, call 1-800-757-6277. The number for Scout is 1-888-501-5752.

I know y’all do and it’s why I was a member for 5 years. I loved it. Being on scout, you got the best of both worlds, you guys and y’alls great stories, plus the recruit profiles. Guess I’m just bummed it happened so fast.