I'm concerned we've hired an AD

whose last name no one will be able to spell no matter how many times they practice and whose last name might be just as hard to pronounce. How many times did we hear Bret Be-LEE-mu rather than the correct BE-lu-mu? I’m sure he’ll be fine in other ways, but us southern boys is gonna have some major foreign language studying to do. :slight_smile:

The great thing about last names is those that can pronounce them are the ones you listen to. Those they can’t, turn the volume down.

This one is a pretty easy one…not like trying to figure out where the emphasis is on CBB.

Guess his is why Krzyzewski was such a bad choice for Duke BB coach.


Put that topic to a close didn’t ya! Just call him AD “Y”.

[size=150][color=#990000]Hi HY![/color][/size]